Thursday, October 6, 2011

ITS OFFICIAL!!!! Long Distance No More!

Yesterday, I accepted a JOB in ILLINOIS! 

Here is the short version:

I move November 1.

I start work November 7.

I will be a professional agricultural recruiter (headhunter) for Rich Connell Agri-Search!

I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD! (Ok, scared of out my mind, but PUMPED)

I already have a roommate and apartment... Yay!

I will be living 5 minutes away from Tyler in Tuscola.

Everything just fell together. Seriously, God has listened to my prayers, my madness, my anxieties, my struggles, and now I know He will guide me through this real transition.

I had no idea that when I created this blog that this would all happen so fast, but it did!


Look what my sweet best friend sent me as a congratulations:

Seriously, Rebecca is the best!

Long version:

I have been working with a "headhunter" to help me get a job in IL since June. I have been applying to jobs in IL since January. After my interview in June, my (soon to be) boss said he had a special feeling about me. We didn't have any luck placing me with a company and I just kind of held on and waited. The last time I went to visit Tyler in September, I went to my boss's home to meet his wife and family because it is a small family business with awesome values. That interview was more about "me" rather than my 5 freaking internships and business stuff. He told me he was looking to hire some more people in the business. I asked if I could learn more about the company so last week I went to shadow him for the whole day and by 5:30 he offered me a job!

Do you see why I have been so stressed out all week? I didn't know what to do... All of my friends and family (well almost all of my friends are here) live in South Carolina. I wasn't ready to be a big girl and grow up and move halfway across the country. After a weekend of overwhelment (sorry for my new word) and some tears, pro-con lists, laughing, crying more, and thinking and PRAYING, I made the decision to take it. This is what I have been waiting for! Close to Tyler, a fulltime job (particularly in ag), Ah! Perfect. I slept on it a couple of days and took it yesterday. I kind of started telling people yesterday, but now I can let the world know!

PLEASE keep me in your prayers. Nov 1 is going to be here before I know it and I have SOOOO much to do before then. Until I get packing, I have lots going on at my internship (guess I will call it that now since I have a real job!). Stay tuned!

I'm really off to the land of CORN from the land of COTTON! Ah!!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job!! That is so exciting! I wish you the very best :)

Megan said...

Congrats Charlotte! I love when God puts a plan all together :)

Rebecca said...

Hooray! It's official! So glad I can start spreading the news and sharing your joy! Excited for your new journey in the land of corn...just don't forget about all of us back in the land of cotton! haha! I know you won't! Love you!