Monday, October 31, 2011

Wofford Homecoming...Nothing's Changed!

Well my friends, this was the quote of my weekend. Being back at Wofford was an absolute blast and a perfect way to say goodbye before my move... TOMORROW! I loved seeing all of my friends and doing what we do best- have a fabulous time together!

Here's the photo dump from the weekend, along with some side notes about activities!!

Friday night:
Dinner at Cribbs Kitchen (YUM)

all of my best friends- L to R: Jamie, Hannah, Leah, Me, Claudia, (Anna & Emily weren't there yet), Alex, Beverly, Meredith, Virginia, Megan!

Drinks at the Alumni "Street Party"
Freshman & Sophomore year roomie, Kensley

Our photobooth pictures- probably the most fun part of the weekend!!!

Then... the ROW.. Fraternity Row was our all-time favorite place all 4 years of college. We danced (ok.. I danced) on stage ALL night just like we were youngin's again. It was so. much. fun. and I felt so. terrible. the next day. But I survived.

The rain didn't hold Leah, Anna, and me back!

After Bojangles saved my life Saturday morning, we headed to Megan's family's tailgate for delicious food and pictures!

Megan, Me, and Mary

Our standard BFF picture. Nothing's Changed!
Leah, Ruthie, Virginia, Me 
My buddy and fellow Illinios resident, Pete! Can't wait to meet up with him in Chicago!

My ZTA little, Haley

After tailgating and fighting the breeze, we headed into the game.

Wofford v. Elon

Retiring Jerry Richardson's #51 jersey. He is the owner of the Carolina Panthers
Homeoming Court 
ZTA's very own... Whitney Walker! YAY!

We left the game at halftime (nothing's changed) and went to get a 2nd wind before another event that afternoon. Phase V of the Village (senior housing) is finally finished, so the Class of 2011 was given a reception to thank us for our patience of the building of this monstrosity. 

This is the design of the building. Its huge and gorgeous. Sad I didn't get any pictures of it myself.

Mine and Kensley's standard picture. We took one like this (by accident) freshman year and decided to recreate it!
Hanging out at the reception with sweet friends!
After this, Leah and Virginia (2 of my Jr & Sr year roomies) and I went to one of our favorite pizza places before meeting up with friends at the Marriott bar.

Anna, me, Virginia, and Leah

Then, it was back to the row for more dancing. I think we were all pooped by this point, so we just had a photoshoot instead!

My "mini-me" and fellow blogger, Ryann

Me, Kristin, and Meredith at KA. 

Virginia and Me
So... There you have it! My last hurrah and my heck of a good time! So glad to see all of my friends and catch up. Now we need to plan a good girls weekend so I can see all of my friends again!

Thanks for reading!

Ta ta,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Alumni Status

Off I go to Wofford as an alum for the first time at Homecoming!

Can't wait to see all of my friends, tailgate, watch Wofford beat Elon, and have a blast!

Details on Sunday.... then its almost time for the big move! Yippee!

Have a great weekend.

Ta ta,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting!

Today I'm doing the linkup with Michelle from The Vintage Apple....


My pins are home inspired.. getting me ready for the move next week and what I would love for my new apartment to look like!














I have so many ideas about how I want to decorate my new room. I really think picture #7 is my favorite. I have a similar bedspread from Tar-jay that I had at Wofford and have at home that might be able to work if I take it with me (if I have room in the car!)

You should also be proud that I accomplished everything on my to-do list yesterday AND today. Thats huge. Now if I can get my car back from mr. cleaning man, I can start packing! eek!

Do you have any suggestions as to where to get bedding? Need some input! xoxo

Happy Hump Day!

Ta ta,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Week!

Ah! I cannot believe I have ONE WEEK until I move to Illinois. Where has the time gone? I have so much to do before next Tuesday and am being a little procrastinator and not doing some of it like I should... whoops!

Yesterday I guess I accomplished something on my to-do list: brown boots and brown flats! FINALLY, some brown (tan) boots! Thank you Nine West Outlet.

Anyways, in order to keep myself on track, I am going to list out my to-do list to stay motivated...

- lunch with co-workers in Columbia
- coffee/ice cream with Beverly
- maybe drop by Hobby Lobby to buy a couple more wreaths to make (in what free time, Charlotte???)
- last Bible Study

- dentist (warning: i absolutely despise the dentist!!!)
- write thank you notes to various people
- mail my huge boxes of clothes (this is looming over my head.. so troublesome)
- get oil changed in my car (well my dads car, now known as my new car! yay for a gas guzzling tahoe!)
- get the car vacuumed and washed
- buy sheets for my new bed & wash them
- dinner at my grandparents house

- buy pecans (love our local pecan plant to buy these)
- pack for Wofford Homecoming this weekend
- go to the bank & figure out how to switch banks (ugh)
-finish up packing for IL
- pack the car (sigh)

- mani & pedi
- go to Wofford!

-Wofford Homecoming

-Wofford Homecoming
-recover from Homecoming (this will be an issue)
- finish packing
- dinner with Rebecca (hopefully!!)

-Sleep in
-Try to relax
- Have everything ready to go


I know I'm forgetting things but this is a good start!

Thanks for reading :)

Ta ta,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Calling All Fashionistas!

I am off to the lovely city of Charleston in just a little bit! 

The purpose of my trip is this:


Tyler's brother is getting married next fall, but the parties are beginning over Thanksgiving. I have been so overcome with packing and moving that I forgot I need to find something. I get really stressed out when I can't just wear jeans and an easy top with my Torys. Seriously (get I get an Amen, Rebecca?)!

Attire (according to Tyler's mom): Oh just something cute and not too dressy! Well, thank knocks out what I had planned on wearing: a strapless J Crew cocktail dress. FAIL.

Here is the dilemma: one of the parties/dinners is in NYC!

So, here is where I need my reader's help (the very few of y'all that I have haha)...

What do I wear to an engagement party- not to dressy, not too casual, but something warm-ish. I've never been in the North around Thanksgiving so I am sort of clueless. 

Need your help asap! Luckily comments come to my email on the phone so I can check them as I shop! Thanks in advance!

Ta ta,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forever Kelly

4 years ago I received a phone call that I will never forget from my friend Dean.... 

Hey, Charlotte its Dean. Are you sitting down? Kelly McKeowen just died. She had a heart attack or something....

No one likes receiving a call like that. I was in disbelief; I kept looking over my Spanish notes for the test I had the next day. I acted like nothing had happened until my phone rang over and over and over.

Charlotte, did you hear about Kelly? She's dead... says my brother who is inconsolable on the phone.

It was true. Fifteen year old Kelly had died from an enlarged heart that no one knew about. She and a family friend (Mr. Dan, my friend Aaron's dad) had been running to get in shape for basketball season. Kelly told Mr. Dan she didn't feel well and felt really weak, so Mr. Dan told her to lie down on the highway. The next thing he knew, she was hanging on for dear life as another friend passed by and tried CPR.

Wesley, my dear dear friend (and Tyler's college friend) from kindergarten to this day is Kelly's brother. He was going to the technical college at home, a little bummed out that most of his friends went off to college. What a blessing it was that he was home during all of this. He was on the tractor working and heard sirens, not really thinking anything. Then he received the phone call from his parents telling him to meet them at the emergency room; it was Kelly.

The next day I came home from Wofford, going straight to the McKeowen's house because all I wanted to do was hug Wesley. And that was all I did when I was there. 

The reason that I writing this story is to remember this sweet, loving, happy, bubbly girl who ended life just too short at age 15. Kelly and I played basketball together (she was on JV and me on Varsity) and it seemed like we always ended up guarding each other during practice (she usually kicked my rear!).

Yesterday I passed by the McKeowen's house and left a note for Kelly on her "K" flag and her Forever Kelly sign on the side of the road. I stood for a moment at the place where God took Kelly and cried a little. What a precious angel. The McKeowens weren't home because they go to the beach this weekend each year with their family (they also have a brother, Taylor). 

Wesley and his newlywed wife (weird to say!!), Lacey, now live in Louisiana for Wesley's job. Knowing I have good friends who live far from home as well is so comforting, especially on days like today when family is so important.

Kelly and her family will always hold a special place in my heart. 

The McKeowens at Wesley and Lacey's wedding with Kelly's memory candle,  June 2011

Love you Kelly! Watch over us #23!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wreath Overboard!

For some reason, I have been on a wreath-making spree!! I went a little crazy at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but since I will have some time to myself over the next couple of days, I figured I might as well craft.

Here are my first two creations, then I will get on with what I am really proud of!

inspiration from here

i tweaked the instructions some and used hot glue instead of pins. not the most gorgeous wreath, but perfect for a farmhouse!

inspiration from here

again, i tweaked the instructions by using hot glue instead of pins. i also didn't use pearl pins for the flowers and i added my monogram. i love this!

Now... on to the cotton wreath!

inspiration from here

you will need:
1 wreath ( i used the straw one and kept it in the wrapper)
about 6 strips of 3-4 inch burlap to wrap wreath (or fabric, whatever you like)
about 50 open cotton bolls
hot glue gun
itunes (always good while crafting)


first, pick the cotton! (so easy where I live = my backyard!)

next, wrap the wreath in burlap

then, start gluing the cotton bolls onto the wreath like so:

oh and if you don't know what a cotton boll is, it is the "flower" on the plant- i chose cotton that was actually being picked so it was very full!

cotton boll

make sure you take the stem completely off so the cotton will stick to the burlap

clean off all of the trash and dead leaves, too

i did about 3 layers of cotton.

if i saw any burlap, i pulled off the cotton and glued it in between bolls

don't mind the funky color.. oops

finally, i used the leftover bolls (called a bur) where i used the cotton for filler and glued 3 on top (my dad says it needs more... we'll see)

and then....... IT WAS FINISHED!

YAY! I am so excited and proud of my little craft! I hung the wreath with some wire. So easy. 

This little beauty is coming with me to Illinois! I LOVE the smell of cotton, so when I am homesick, I'm just going to smell my wreath! (weird? nahh)

My next wreath is going to be one with the cotton burs (the brown part without cotton) and figure out a way to make them decorative and colorful! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ta ta,