Monday, October 24, 2011

Calling All Fashionistas!

I am off to the lovely city of Charleston in just a little bit! 

The purpose of my trip is this:


Tyler's brother is getting married next fall, but the parties are beginning over Thanksgiving. I have been so overcome with packing and moving that I forgot I need to find something. I get really stressed out when I can't just wear jeans and an easy top with my Torys. Seriously (get I get an Amen, Rebecca?)!

Attire (according to Tyler's mom): Oh just something cute and not too dressy! Well, thank knocks out what I had planned on wearing: a strapless J Crew cocktail dress. FAIL.

Here is the dilemma: one of the parties/dinners is in NYC!

So, here is where I need my reader's help (the very few of y'all that I have haha)...

What do I wear to an engagement party- not to dressy, not too casual, but something warm-ish. I've never been in the North around Thanksgiving so I am sort of clueless. 

Need your help asap! Luckily comments come to my email on the phone so I can check them as I shop! Thanks in advance!

Ta ta,


Emily said...

Oh goodness girl, that's quite the dilemma. I know it's pretty chilly around those parts in the fall around that time. Maybe a dress with tights and a pashmina?? or a cute tweed skirt or something?! I think both of those could be cute but not too dressy!

Victoria said...

how about a skirt, boots, tights, sweater? maybe bright colorful scarf? or cute jelwery.

it will be chilly up here in the north around that time :) beautiful time to go though!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I would definitely wear tights with a dress or skirt! I love riding boots to make a dress a little more casual/comfortable. No matter what you choose, I'm sure you'll look great!!