Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding {Party}

Last Sunday night, my family had a "September Supper" for my best friend Rebecca and her fiance, Tripp. We had it in the back room of our cotton gin office. This space is a great place for parties except for the fact that it hold lost of manly things like tools and other manly things that the Perrow men hide back there.

the decorated "back room"

Any type of table cloths and decorations really transforms this room! Decorating was a lot of fun too, especially watching my cousin Stewart go up and down, up and down on the ladder hanging the lanterns with magnets. My grandfather was particularly intrigued by the magnets. Guess I know what I'm getting him for Christmas! The lanterns (from Hobby Lobby & Pier 1) were a great addition to the room!

my creation that I found on pinterest,  pinned from this website
I had lots of fun making this cute decoration! Too bad I had to take it apart when we were undecorating. I put all of the pieces together in a bag for Rebecca and Tripp to have. I did lots of facebook stalking!

Rebecca has been my best friend since I was in the 7th grade. I think our friendship kind of took off when we were both the "rookies" on the JV basketball team and NEVER got to play. We always had the older girls telling us what to do because we were the babies. Anyways, from 7th grade and on, we have been very best friends! And ohhhh the stories I have about our adventures. Ha! Her mom also taught with my grandmother (who just retired at age 80) too!

becca and me

Our meal was delicious and our family decided that Sunday night dinners are the best typer of party to give! People don't stay last or drink all of the beer because they have to work on Monday, but its a perfect end to a weekend! In case you are interested in what we served, here is the menu: beef tenderloin, hash brown casserole, tomato pie, layered salad, lemon tarts for dessert, and Sallie's greatest jam over blue cheese and cowboy caviar for appetizers. Delish. Check out Sallie's website- I am going to start helping her sell her jams at some events in the next couple of weeks!! 

Here are some other snapshots of the party:

pretty ladies 
guests enjoying dinner


hosts and the couple
We had a blast! CANT WAIT for New Years Eve to celebrate my best friend and Trippy!! xoxo

Ta ta!

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Rebecca said...

Thank you, Char! I, of course, love the post! Love you!