Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Loves

First of all, I am blogging from Tuscola, IL! Yippee I am here and am so excited! After a ride home that felt like FOREVER (and maybe a stop by the hunting store... sigh), we finally got here. After getting situated, we made a quick trip to the Outlets (YES THERE ARE OUTLETS IN THIS VERY TOWN!) and the grocery store, we can finally relax! I'm even getting the opportunity to blog right now because Tyler is sort of fascinated by this blogging thing!

Sweet Tyler. Definitely my #1 love and reason for this post! Long distance is NOT fun, but when we are together we have so much fun. I think we have a pretty fun weekend ahead of us.

Secondly, I love my Lodis bag that I won from Lacey so much! I seriously just fit my life in it today. My laptop, makeup, toiletries, flats, and everything else that is in my smaller purse fit in that big baby. It is so perfect for traveling! Thanks!

I also love the Detroit airport. I absolutely hate the Atlanta airport and I normally have a layover in ATL, but thank the Lord I didn't have to today. If you ever get the opportunity, fly through Detroit. It is clean, spacious, and even accommodating- one time Tyler legitimately stood at the top of the jetway until my plane landed for us to fly to Philly. Again, sweet boy. And I love the Detroit airport and the new book I am reading- The Happiness Project. 

Lastly, as I mentioned I love the Outlets here in Tuscola. Last time I was here I spent a whole afternoon at Old Navy and found tons of J.Crew-esque things. Great for fall. On our most recent visit (aka 30 minutes ago), we visited a store that caries Wrangler Jeans, Lee Jeans, etc. Tyler calls it the " 'Merican Outlet." He is so patriotic and so is Illinois. Check out the picture I took on the way here...

If you can't see, there is an American flag flying at the top of the grain leg.
Anyways, back to the Outlets..... at this 'Merican store, I bought some slippers. And I am so excited about them! Tyler also bought a flannel with pearl snaps. He might be more excited about that than I am about my slippers.

So, these are things I am loving on this Thursday. Have a great weekend! I am going to hang out with this cutie for the weekend....

Ta ta for now!



Megan said...

Have a great weekend with your love! I know long distance is rough but it means those moments together are extra special :)

Rebecca said...

This post made me so happy! Have fun! Love you!

Lacey in the City said...

Awww hope you had such a great weekend! I love that you are with your love + having a blast. I'm also so glad you love your bag! I ordered the exact same ones, so just know that you have a handbag twin walking around in Connecticut! xoxo