Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Constant prayer for the families and community of Newtown.
May God comfort you, grant you peace and understanding, and wrap his unfailing love around you.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Card Link-up

I loooooove Christmas cards! I knew I had to link up with Kristen when I saw her link up today!!
I'm kind of in love with these.
Excuse the crappy quality-- I took a picture of the back of the postcard on the computer!
Then I ran out of them and had to scoop these up from Hobby Lobby!
Photo credit to miss Katie
Merry Christmas!
Ta ta,

Friday, December 14, 2012


Today has been horrible. Tragic. Unbelievable.
When I heard early this morning there was a shooting at a school, my heart sank. Then I heard Newtown, Connecticut where my fiance (Tyler) grew up.... down the street.
Unbearable. My heart aches.
Ryan, the 24 year old brother involved was in Tyler's 5th grade class at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
This hits too close to home.
The families affected, the children who will never grow up, the community rocked.
What is happening in our country? What happened to Sunday School, and love, and peace?
I pray that our world finds God. I pray we find peace. I pray that the families, Newtown, and our country can find peace in the love of Christ.

No one deserves to lose a loved one.

Stay strong, Newtown.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

My mind is all over the place. Thank you to everyone who gave me honeymoon destination advice! We are still researching but I hope we can nail this down SOON.
This is a hodge podge of a post today, so.... sorry!
- I've been training the new guy at work the past 2 days and it is draining me! I also haven't had my social media time like I usually do. I feel so unplugged!
- One Kings Lane had the BEST things today! I totally ordered 5 things for myself (all very reasonably priced) to have my grandmother give me for Christmas. She LOVES Christmas and loves to give lots of little gifts! Here is what I picked out and ordered:
Mail Tub

 How cute is this mail tub to throw all of your junk mail in when you come home?
Square Tray
Coffee table tray. Enough said.

Textured Vase

I wouldn't even have to put flowers in here, it is just so genuinely pretty!

Deer Bookends

I debated getting these but just did it. I think they'd be great on a bar... Very Tyler's style don't you think??
Silver Pineapple

 Such a typical southern decorative item!

- I believe Tyler and I have found "our" house! Can't tell anything about it yet, though!
- I go home for Christmas on Wednesday! Yippee!
- I have a huge peppermint problem. Did you see my Instagram picture last night? (@charlotteperrow)
Oops. I can't resist. I will be baking this weekend for sure.
- My life is about to get CrAzY between the holidays and work and planning!

- We got our first wedding gift! I have the best friends.
- Y'all all need to follow thedailytay.com. Taylor is flipping hilarious!
That's it. Brain is done for today.
Ta ta,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon HELP!

We really don't know where we are going on our honeymoon yet. Like I have mentioned 468976 times before, there is a lot going on in non-wedding world that we are having to deal with (good things) and are honestly getting in the way of wedding plans!
Of course we have talked about where we should honeymoon and I have tried to ask on social media where people went or where they want to go.
There isn't anywhere we are dying to go right now.. I just know somewhere tropical and affordable. Honeymoons are expensive, dang it!
Here are some thoughts:

I had friends stay here and RAVE about it. Unfortunately, the resort is 1.5 hours away from the airport (yuck) and we would have to have 2 layovers. No thanks.... Tired of flying..

I did a ton of research on this one last night. This could be the winner. Affordable, easy flights, and everything we want to do. Have you been there??
Sooooo this is all I really have to go off of!
These are our requirements:
Something to do
Good food
Prefer all-inclusive
Easy access from airport
Only 1 (if that) layover
I need your help! Where did you go? I need some ideas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Windy City Weekend

We certainly did make a quick to Chicago this weekend. Unfortunately for me (but not Tyler), I didn't get to shop like I had hoped. I popped in Nordstrom Rack and Anthropologie, but came back empty handed!

Tyler's college roommate and groomsmen, Jack, lives in Chicago and we wanted to go see him! Friday was his birthday so that was the ideal to go!

We went up Saturday after boarding Sarge at the vet and having to turn around to make sure the garage door was down! Oops. Traffic was surprisingly not too bad on the way there, but it did drizzle the whole 3 hours!

If you didn't know, parking in Chicago is awful! We bought some crazy parking pass, but wasn't sure if we were in the right spot and I didn't want my car towed. That took a while and then we headed to Bar on Buena for lunch and drinks. I had a delicious grilled cheese!
We hopped on the metro and headed downtown to Michigan Avenue. I was so excited to get to shop, but with 2 boys, that didn't really happen.

I got this pic in Anthropologie-- so now cotton is "in"? That is too funny! I have mounds and mounds of cotton, so I guess my taste is in style.
Jack showed us his office and then we headed to Lincoln Park for their zoo lights.
Our lights at home are pretty impressive and I won't lie.... I think Riverbanks Zoo's are better! Guess thats what you get for something free in Chicago?
I snapped this pic of the guys as they were checking out the duck pond.... of course!
We got hungry, so headed to dinner. Tyler wanted Italian and my goodness we found the best Italian place! I would highly recommend Topo Gigio Ristorante in the Old Town neighborhood.
After dinner, we went to Second City for a comedy show in the Up Comedy Club. Loni Love was the main comedian and two other guys opened up for her. They were hysterical! If you've never been to a comedy show before, I recommend it!!
Tyler with Ralph Porter who was one of the opening acts. Not sure what he is famous for, but Loni Love is a regular panelist on E!s hit show "Chelsea Lately" and TruTV's Presents: The World's Dumbest".
A few buckets of Coronas were consumed, then we headed to the Wiener's Circle... A hot dog stand where the workers scream at you and yell profanities. It was hysterical!
Sunday morning we slept in some and then headed to brunch at Big Jones in the Andersonville neighborhood. I had the best pancakes EVER!
Apple streudal pancakes... Hellooooooo delicious!
They even served South Carolina rice and grits!!
We had a really fun time and I'm so glad we got to hang out with Jack!!
We hit Cabelas (uh) on the way home, then back to the country we went!
 What did you do this weekend?


Friday, December 7, 2012

Chicago Tomorrow!

I loved Chicago at Christmas time last year. Unfortunately I had to go for work so I didn't get to shop around like I wanted.

December 10 is mine and Tyler's 2 year anniversary (last dating one before we are married!!), so we are going tomorrow for a quick trip! Today is one of his friends' and groomsman's birthday so we will get to celebrate with him too!

I have finished all of my Christmas shopping, so this will be just a fun trip! I hope the weather is nice and I don't freeze!

I can't wait to hang out on Michigan Avenue and have a fun weekend!

Where is your favorite place to go in Chicago? I'm mapping out my favorite spots, but I want your opinion!


Last year in Chicago

View from the John Hancock

On my list to hit shopping:

Norstrom Rack
Tory Burch
Crate & Barrel
Brooks Brothers
Cole Haan

Where else to go!? Where to go eat!? Not that I need to buy ANYTHING, but it is still fun to go and "window shop" right??

Let me know!!!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas from Sarge!

It's no secret we love our 5 year old black lab hunting retriever. He is supposed to be an outside dog who sleeps outside and retrieves ducks. Since he has been in Illinois (1.5) with Tyler (and me), he is now our best canine friend.

What can I say? He is too adorable and friendly to be an outside hunting dog. We think he might have been a little abused when he was with his past owner, so we love to smother him with love. And that we do well.

One thing that I love to do that Tyler HATES is when I buy him dog clothes. This has only happened twice now... Once at Halloween, and now Christmas. Every dog needs a Christmas sweater. He is so calm, cool, and collective, he doesn't even freak out when you put clothes (or antlers) on him.

He has a little scab on his ankle (do dogs have ankles?) from his week at doggie hunting camp over Thanksgiving, hence the ace bandage on his leg. The one day we take it off and he gets to visit my apartment he got up on my bed and his little nasty paw goo got on my bed. EW. He's also not allowed on the furniture!

Anyways, without further adieu, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from our beloved Sargie!

He really doesn't like the straps behind his legs..


He's like "dad help me"

Model pose

We were yelling "ducks! ducks!" to get his ears to perk up! 

Our sweet pup!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving in South Carolina (Overdue Post)

I just had to take last week off from blogging. I'm back now, though!
Here is my recap of my week at home over Thanksgiving! Lots of pictures to share.
Wofford v. South Carolina game
I raced from the airport to Williams Brice at 11:30 when I walked (ran) off the plane to tailgate! I may have had a few mimosas in the airport. I was also in such a hurry that I dropped my phone and shattered the screen, but I had too much adrenaline and excitement to see my friends to really care... Though Wofford lost, we put up a good fight!
 It was the military appreciation game
Came home to birthday flowers from Tyler
Went to a really good friend from home + Wofford's wedding!
Isn't Cally beautiful!? We are getting married in the same church so I was excited to see a wedding in the church and see friends!!

Cake tasted in my own house! My birthday cake on the right is the cake we are having!
Stared at this view of my back yard for hours....
Hung out with this diva!
Had 2 rounds of Thanksgiving food with my family
 Frierson cousins at my uncle's farm house
Cotton photo shoot
Fly-in at the Rasts, a really good family friend's property! It was SO fun!! Lots of planes!
Also lots of old cars. These two are my uncle's newest additions. I LOVE the blue truck!
Played basketball at my high school and beat the varsity girls team -- see the scoreboard!!
Then we had to come home and miss the South Carolina / Clemson game. We got to watch the 2nd half in Indy.
In between, I registered for china, got the guys' tuxes, and worked on lots of wedding plans. See why I was so tired last week and needed a blog break!!!!??
Happy Monday!
Ta ta,