Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dreaming of Jamaica

Thanks, everyone for your sweet words on my venting post yesterday. Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts into words!

As I mentioned, I have been trying to think ahead to Jamaica! I cannot wait to be on the beautiful beach with my new hubby and a ring around both of our fingers!

I've started collecting bathing suits because I don't want to wear my old, worn, lake-stained ones at this gorgeous resort!

Here some suits and cover-ups I am admiring!

J Crew

Ella Moss

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Confession

Happy Wednesday!

I'm not going to lie. I don't even know what day it is anymore because when you are unemployed every day just runs together.

Here's my confession friends: I'm stressed. Big shocker, right?

I'm not here to whine and complain, just vent. It's my blog and my space and hey, girl's gotta let it out! I thought about doing a Wedding Wednesday post but it gave me anxiety reading others' posts, so I opted for this instead.

The past 2 months have been wild. I left my job, moved out of my apartment, secretly moved home, kept the secret that we were moving back to SC for months, and am now wedding planning, living in the gym, and job searching. Oh yeah, and now half of my things are at "our" house in Beaufort and my parents house.

I have a reason to be frazzled right? I don't want this process to consume me. March 23 is coming fast. Like SO fast! Everyone says wedding planning should be fun. Hah. Well, there are some things I have enjoyed but what I am working on now makes me want to pull my hair out and run away: logistics.

I'm ready to be married to Tyler. I'm ready for our life, our home, and getting out of this yucky transition. Yes, not having a job currently has been super nice (except for the fact that I have zero dollars), but I thrive on a schedule!

So in a nutshell: I am trying desperately to keep it together. I'm trying not to have a panic attack (which unfortunately I suffer from) while listening to Trumpet Voluntary. I'm trying to stop eating hamburgers and fries so I don't detest my arms on my wedding day. I'm attempting to make our house feel like a home, all while not living there full-time. I'm job searching in my spare time and trying not to get frustrated because the one lead I had all came crashing down thanks to a crappy personality test. I'm focusing on Jamaica and spending a magical week with my new husband in paradise! 

I'm finished venting so I am going to list the most recent things I've accomplished and not focus on what I NEED to do!

Invitations are addressed
Honeymoon is booked
New minister is booked (the minister at the church resigned last week. joy.)
Music is picked out
Flowers are chosen and are gorgeous (did I mention our florist died in November.. yeah)
Portraits are February 15
Bridesmaids gifts are in production

That's it. Thanks for making it through that if you are still here! I feel better after venting!


PS--- look for my new design and blog name SOON!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five

1. I'm HOME!!!!
We made the drive over 2 days Wednesday and Thursday and man oh man I am so happy to be out of that truck! I was in Tyler's truck (luckily with XM radio) and he was in the 24 foot Budget rental truck. We packed that sucker full!

2. Friday Fancies
My #FridayFancies for today is all about comfort! I have really missed linking up the past couple of weeks and I'm glad I got a chance to put something together for today! Link up here: {Long Distance Loving}

Black and White

sweater  // jeans // boots // handbag // earrings // scarf

3. Blog Design
I am getting a blog design! I have been putting it off and finally on my drive yesterday it hit me! I'll have a new name and a design made by Aubrey and I am SOOOO excited!

4. Two months! 
We get married in less than TWO MONTHS! It is seriously crunch time!! More list making, decision making, gym hitting, healthy eating, planning, etc. I keep telling myself- Jamaica! Jamaica! Jamaica!

5. Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who has been super supportive this week. It was a long process with Tyler leaving his job-- his current company wanted him to stay with them and we sort of had a fiasco trying to figure out if we were moving to Beaufort, SC or the Florence, SC area. Luckily, our prayers were answered and we had a very easy decision to make! Now if only I can find a job in Beaufort. Ah, add that to your prayer list!

Thanks for reading on this chilly Friday!

Ta ta,

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013- The Year of Weddings

I can't get over how many weddings and wedding events I have in 2013! I think I am up to TEN weddings and I've already attended one!

Last weekend I went to High Point, NC for Mollie and Evan (Hobbs) wedding. It was GORGEOUS and a huge Wofford reunion!!

High Point Country Club

Grace Perry and me- sorry I stole your pics GP!

Beautiful cake that I totally forgot to eat

Mr and Mrs Hobbs!

Sweet friends!

Happy bride!

Gorgeous centerpieces

Loved the flowers!

Swooning over her portrait!

Off they go!

Next up we have:

Feb 16- couples party for us!
Feb 17- Sunday pond party for us!
Feb 23- Wofford Oyster Roast for us!
Feb 24- Sunday Dinner for us!
Mar 1- Bachelorette weekend!
Mar 23- OUR WEDDING!!!
March 24-29 Jamaica!!!!!!! 
April 6- friend from home wedding
April 27- party for my friend Caroline
May 11 - Caroline's bachelorette
June 1- my big (ZTA) sister's wedding, friend Rachel's wedding, and Tyler's friend Dan's wedding
June 15- Caroline's wedding
June 29 Ryann's wedding
July 20- family friend wedding
August 3- my friend/Tyler's friends wedding

Holy cow. That is only through AUGUST! Where are my weekends???

So much fun ahead!

Whats on your 2013 calendar?

Ta ta,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Picked Our China Patterns!

I'm seriously so obsessed with our fine china that I MUST share!!

Tamara Childs

This is our "fancy" drinkwear. We only registered for the wine glasses and tea glasses because we never drink champagne! I think the gold really adds some excitement to these glasses and will look great with the table settings.

Mottahedeh Green Lace
 This is our charger plate to go under the dinner plate. It seriously all looks GORGEOUS together!

Ricci Cellini

 Everyday silverware is very similar to my mom's old shell pattern by Reed and Barton.

Pickard Signature Monogram
Love this, especially with my new monogram, cLp! It just screamed my name when I walked in the store.

I think these are the pieces of my registry that I am most excited about. I mean I can get a coffee maker anytime, but these above items are very special and will be something I pass down for generations.

Where did you find your China? Did you have a hard time deciding?

Ta ta,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Come Tour OUR Home!

So many exciting posts lately it seems! Nothing dull and boring here, ladies and gents!

We went and visited our new home before Christmas and instantly fell in love. We found it online and quickly contacted the realtor to have a friend go by and look at it. My new bff in Beaufort, Anna was so sweet and checked out a couple of houses for me. The first one was in the ghetto so we quickly ruled that out! You never know what kind of neighborhood you'll get in the south!

This house is just what we need-- 3 bed, 2.5 bath, garage, nice sized kitchen, and a front porch! A single bachelor marine was living in the house when we went by. You could immediately tell a single guy lived in the house because a) his mattress was on the floor b) there were hoochie pinups on the wall c) it was almost impossible to turn the lock. When the realtor sent us the pictures earlier last week of the house all cleaned and ready to move in, we both went crazy with excitement! I've started eying some furniture online that I need  want!

So without further adieu... Welcome to our home :)

Welcome home!

Living room

Perfect spot for our recovered table and chairs.

Super excited to put baskets to organize in that cubby!

This is my favorite spot in the house. HOW FUN is this bar!!?

I love counterspace.

Tyler is eying a deep freeze for his deer meat. *eyeroll*

I am buying a swing off Craigslist ($50!!!!) for our front porch!

Neat little back porch overlooking a lagoon.

This will house our new boat. Yes, we are getting a boat soon.

Back of the house and this is ALL of the parking we have.. Eeeeesh.

1- car garage.

 Master bedroom has a screened in porch off of it. Looking for a hammock!

 Hello master closet that I shall call MINE! Sorry, Ty you can get a closet in a guest room haha!

 I'm thinking about a gallery wall here.

Love this arch!

Figured you probably didn't want to see the bedrooms and bathrooms. Nothing crazy, just normal spaces. What did you think!?

HOORAY! We are sooooooo excited. Come visit! We are only 30 minutes from Hilton Head Island!

Hope I didn't bore you too much!!!! Can't wait to start moving things in so very soon!!