Monday, January 21, 2013

2013- The Year of Weddings

I can't get over how many weddings and wedding events I have in 2013! I think I am up to TEN weddings and I've already attended one!

Last weekend I went to High Point, NC for Mollie and Evan (Hobbs) wedding. It was GORGEOUS and a huge Wofford reunion!!

High Point Country Club

Grace Perry and me- sorry I stole your pics GP!

Beautiful cake that I totally forgot to eat

Mr and Mrs Hobbs!

Sweet friends!

Happy bride!

Gorgeous centerpieces

Loved the flowers!

Swooning over her portrait!

Off they go!

Next up we have:

Feb 16- couples party for us!
Feb 17- Sunday pond party for us!
Feb 23- Wofford Oyster Roast for us!
Feb 24- Sunday Dinner for us!
Mar 1- Bachelorette weekend!
Mar 23- OUR WEDDING!!!
March 24-29 Jamaica!!!!!!! 
April 6- friend from home wedding
April 27- party for my friend Caroline
May 11 - Caroline's bachelorette
June 1- my big (ZTA) sister's wedding, friend Rachel's wedding, and Tyler's friend Dan's wedding
June 15- Caroline's wedding
June 29 Ryann's wedding
July 20- family friend wedding
August 3- my friend/Tyler's friends wedding

Holy cow. That is only through AUGUST! Where are my weekends???

So much fun ahead!

Whats on your 2013 calendar?

Ta ta,


Lacey in the City said...

Not being in the South anymore, people tend to get married a little later out here in LA and in NY, so I have yet to really hit a hard wedding season year! Last year I had two, and that was really the most I've had in one year thus far. All I've got for this year is one in July!

Taylor said...

damn!!! it'll be great celebrations though! I have nothing compared to what you have haha

ryann said...

YAY! What an exciting year for you- so excited for all the fun you have coming up... can't wait to see you on your big day in March and mine in June... Miss Popular!

megan said...

I love having a full calendar like that! In 2010, we were invited to 15 weddings! haha

Kristin said...

You have lots of fun ahead!!

Whitney said...

ten weddings?!?! I'm invited to ZERO. that is so crazy!! you are Miss Popular! :)