Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Picked Our China Patterns!

I'm seriously so obsessed with our fine china that I MUST share!!

Tamara Childs

This is our "fancy" drinkwear. We only registered for the wine glasses and tea glasses because we never drink champagne! I think the gold really adds some excitement to these glasses and will look great with the table settings.

Mottahedeh Green Lace
 This is our charger plate to go under the dinner plate. It seriously all looks GORGEOUS together!

Ricci Cellini

 Everyday silverware is very similar to my mom's old shell pattern by Reed and Barton.

Pickard Signature Monogram
Love this, especially with my new monogram, cLp! It just screamed my name when I walked in the store.

I think these are the pieces of my registry that I am most excited about. I mean I can get a coffee maker anytime, but these above items are very special and will be something I pass down for generations.

Where did you find your China? Did you have a hard time deciding?

Ta ta,


Whitney H said...

I registered for Kate Spade china, but no one bought it for us! Go figure. I don't think we'd ever actually use it anyway, haha. I got a set of Reed and Barton silverware from Nick's grandmother-- we didn't even register for it! She has good taste.

Lacey in the City said...

I loooove that stemware!!

Claire said...

LOVING that yours is monogrammed! We are registering in February and that day cannot come soon enough!

Jamie Purfeerst said...

Good choice on the glasses - they are absolutely gorgeous! We went a simple white for our fine china (and have yet to pull them out of the box) so we could add in other pieces as we go, like that gorgeous turquoise you picked out!

Have a great week!