Thursday, January 3, 2013

Craziest Two Weeks-- I'm Back!

Oops. I have zero intention of neglecting this blog for so long! Let me quickly catch you up on my life and then later I'll actually go into detail!

On the 18th, Tyler and I hopped in the car to leave his truck in Indy so when he flew back on the 1st, he had a vehicle to drive back home with. The 19th, he and I drove from 7:30 am to 6pm from Indy to South Carolina for Christmas. I'm working from home for a few weeks to try to get some wedding things done with mom, so I had to pack my car with enough clothes and things to get by for the next few weeks.

Thursday I ran errands and tried to get my life together and organized.

Friday I had my first dress fitting!!!!! I am so excited that my dress isn't form fitted AT ALL, now I just need to work on these arms! Friday night we had a rehearsal dinner for our friends Travis and Chelsea.

Saturday I had my first shower hosted by two of my favorite BFFs and their moms and sisters.

Saturday night we had Chelsea and Travis's wedding and Tyler was a groomsman.

Sunday I had to take Tyler to the airport to go see his family and I finished up some Christmas shopping in Columbia.

Monday was Christmas Eve so Christmas festivities began at my aunt and uncle's with shrimp and grits and Christmas Eve service at my church.

Tuesday we open gifts at my parents house, then go to my mom's side of the family. That night, we go to my dad's side.

Wednesday is actual Christmas at MiMis. She loves Christmas and gives the best gifts!

Thursday Mom and I flew to PA to be with Tyler's family.

Friday night we had a wonderful engagement party hosted by Tyler's family and Dad flew up that day.

The Law's Newtown, CT friends came for the party!


Saturday I was exhausted! Mom and Dad got stuck in the Philly airport do to aircraft issues for 10 hours! We went to see a movie and just chilled.

Sunday 7 of us piled in an SUV and drove to western PA to see Ken's mom and grandmother. It was so wonderful finally getting to meet them!

Monday Tyler and I tied up loose ends and packed to leave Tuesday.

Tuesday was travel day.

So do you see why I have been so MIA? This is the first time I've really sat down at a computer. Whew. I'll try to stay consistent blogging, but I can't promise anything!

Thanks for reading!!


sLe said...

I LOVE your blue dress from the wedding! Glad you're getting back to normal after all of the traveling :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like you sure had a crazy holiday! Hope things calm down soon. Happy New Year lady!

Whitney said...

This is the first post I've read from you since I met you and oh my goodness, I love it even more now! :)

Ashley said...

Damn, girl! At least you can say that you had an eventful Christmas season! Hope things slow down soon so you can take some time to relax!