Wednesday, July 31, 2013

wedding recap: ceremony

I'm back in the swing of things for Wedding Wednesday.

Hope these aren't getting too old and drawn out for you.

 Tyler's brother, Cameron with their mom

My mom and brother

Poor Jeremy was sent down the aisle too early by the wedding directors. Oops! But he was a trooper!

Such a Ruthie face!

 This moment is kind of a moment of terror and excitement.

 I love being able to pick out our family and friends in the sanctuary!

Did I ever mention that when asked "Who gives this woman to marry this man," my dad responded "I DO!" Not, "her mother and I," but I do. Oh Drake.

I kind of love this pitcure.

My sweet grandfather.

I have the best grandparents. The end.

It's official!


Next up..... family pics!