Sunday, July 28, 2013

{better late than never} mr. and mrs. mccall: ryann's wedding recap!

Better (much) late than never, but I have FINALLY gotten it together to share Ryann and Andrew's big day!


Oh my goodness. I am not sure how I am going to adequately be able to share Ryann and Andrew’s wedding day with you. I tried to soak in all of the details to share, but it was just so beautiful and fun, it will be hard to put it into words!

I arrived in Greenville Friday night to spend some time with a few of my college girlfriends. Sadly one of our friends Meredith’s flight got cancelled in DC so she was unable to make it. We stayed at Megan’s house, and she didn’t get home from a work conference until after midnight, so we of course had to catch up before hitting the sack. Before I forget, let me mention that I gave Tyler an “out” to this wedding because we have had so many and I knew he wouldn’t know many people, plus I really wanted some girl time! He enjoyed the weekend at home with my high school friends.

Saturday morning I was the first one up, so I got ready and ran a few errands while the other girls were still sleeping. Once everyone got up and dressed, we headed downtown to Main Street to walk around, grab brunch, and shop. The shopping didn’t last long because it was quite warm, so we went  back and changed into our bathing suits to go to Megan’s grandmother’s pool for a few hours. I was only there a little while because I had to get ready for Ryann’s wedding!! 

I was so rushed getting ready that I wasn’t really able to let the thought that Ryann was getting married sink in… I was kind of one of the last people in the church, but got a great seat where I had a good view of the bridesmaids and Andrew’s face when the doors opened to Ryann and her father walking down the aisle. I immediately started crying as soon as I sat down. There is something about wedding music that just gets to me.

Before the ceremony, the musician played “Be Thou My Vision,” one of my favorite hymns that was also sung at our wedding. It was gorgeous and the tears just started coming! I swear I started crying from the music. I could just feel the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary with us. Then the wedding party walked down the aisle and I really knew that the Lord was filling the room. I just adore “In Christ Alone,” especially during a wedding. Once the bridesmaids took their place, I immediately caught eyes with Jennings, one of the bridesmaids who I knew really well from Wofford. When Andrew, his father, and the ministers walked in, my heart was racing and I was so excited! I actually already knew what to expect Ryann to look like, because she had texted me a sneak peak of some of her bridals a few months ago. When the doors opened and Ryann and her father walked down the aisle, all I could do was smile! She walked down to “Trumpet Voluntary” that I walked into our wedding to as well, so it was just very special to me and made me remember the moments I walked down the aisle to my groom too!

Once Ryann and Andrew were together with the ministers, I could sort of catch my breath, until we all sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” Y’all I just get so emotional with church music, especially the old time hymns. Growing up in a traditional church really gave me that love for the classic hymns!

Once Ryann and Andrew said “I Do” and “I Will,” I think my chill bumps finally went away! I was excited to get to the reception to take a breather from my emotions. At least I thought! On the way to the reception, I stopped to get some extra hair spray, bobby pins, and mascara because I hadn’t really done my hair very well prior to the wedding so I fixed it quickly in the car and reapplied mascara, because, well, I had none left that I initially put on!!

I found a parking spot in downtown Greenville, grabbed my camera and bag, and found the reception at this beautiful outdoor venue with a pretty white tent out by the river. The reception was held at the Wyche Pavilion, which is part of the Greenville Peace Center. I don’t know too many details about it, but it was a renovated brick building, with the old windows open to the outside. So you felt like you were inside, but you were actually outside!  I took some snapshots of the surroundings and details of the flowers, cake, food, napkins, etc., before the wedding party arrived. Surprisingly I didn’t recognize anyone that wasn’t in the wedding party, but when I saw the trolley pull up I was SO excited because I couldn’t wait to hug Ryann!

just gorgeous

Ryann and Andrew danced to James Taylor, “How Sweet It Is” which was super sweet and guess what, I started crying again! At this point the bridesmaids were all watching me blot my eyes with my tissue and couldn’t help but laugh at me! I finally stopped crying when Ryann and her father and Andrew and his mother danced to Stevie Wonder, “You are the Sunshine of my Life” which I was DYING to have as my dance with my dad, but instead he wanted “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

All of the guests flocked to Ryann and Andrew, so I stood back for a bit and chatted with the bridesmaids and honorary attendants until I got to see her. She was the calmest bride I have ever been around! Calm, cool, and collective…. Happy and MARRIED!!! It was so great.

sassy bride!

The band cranked up and the party was ON! It was very warm outside, but not uncomfortably hot and the fans in the venue were facing right towards me… Score! We danced, and danced, and drank some cold beer (necessary for an outside June wedding), and danced! By the end of the night my feet were absolutely killing me!


I had a few girls who are currently in my sorority come up and start chatting with my about my blog. They said they had heard a lot about me from Ryann and started following me, too. One girl asked, “were you a ZTA?” and I asked Jennings (who was a ZTA too and on my “board” when I was Vice President), “was I a ZTA?” Jennings responded “Charlotte was one of the most intense ZTAs ever!” Thanks, Jennings! But really, I was- I was competitive and really, truly love(d) my sorority! That is how I met Ryann and these other sweet girls. And how I could forget my BEST friends!

zeta chant
After the band played “Shout,” it was time for Ryann and Andrew to hop in the rickshaw to their hotel for the night! All of the guests lit sparklers and waved them for their grand exit. I got to stand beside Ryann’s mom who I know fairly well and I just told her over and over how much fun I thought everyone had, including me! After sending Ryann and Andrew off, I met up with my girlfriends to go to some of the bars downtown since I had never been before. When I met up with the three of them, I saw Ryann and Andrew being led down Main Street on the rickshaw and of course yelled to them to get a picture! Y’all Andrew is such a good sport!!!! I know it was his wedding day, but he was just so into the moment and was so fun! I don’t know him terribly well, but I feel like I do now.

I am so happy for Mr. and Mrs. McCall and hope they are having a blast settling into their new home in Raleigh!

Congrats Ryann and Andrew. I love you both!


Megan said...

How special of a friendship! Love these pictures, looks like a blast. And I loved your dress!

Megan said...

Love this!! Ryann was such a beautiful bride and the wedding looked like it was A BLAST!

ryann said...

you are the BEST! what an awesome overview of our special day... thank you SO much! You got some great shots!!! love you Char!

Whitney said...

what a beautiful wedding! it's especially special to me since it was in downtown and that city means so much to me! so many memories :)

DeAnna Stephens said...

Her dress is so unique and gorgeous! The hashtaq thing is so new and fun! I've seen it a lot latley.

In the Pink said...

Beautiful wedding! I love how her dress matched the cake!