Monday, July 1, 2013

questions and answers

I've been thinking that it would be really fun to do a question and answer post. I have gained a few new readers lately, and I want to get to know you all better and for you to get to know me!

I'd love to answer some questions you have for me- it can be wedding or newlywed related, food, fashion (ha!) related, family, etc. I'm opening up the floor! But it won't be fun If I don't get any questions, so ask away! Ill do a post on the answers probably next week with some of my favorite questions, and then I will answer a few privately!

When you leave a question in the comments section, I'd also love for you to answer the following so I can get to know you:
1. How did you find my blog, how long have you been reading, and why do you come back!?
2. Do you have a weekly cleaning a Hesiod for your house or do you just clean as you see fit? I'm obviously behind on our house and would love to get a schedule in place so the mess doesn't build up. 
3. Who are three of your top blog reads? I am always searching for some new people to follow and learn about, so leave me their link!

So go ahead and ask away! And if you are not a normal commenter, I still really want your input. If you are more comfortable emailing me instead of leaving a public comment, you can do so at perrowck at gmail. I would have included the hyperlink but I am posting of of my phone this morning! Too much fun this weekend to have time to sit and blog about it yet. And this means my best friends who read my blog and never comment (hey Leah), my mother inlaw, and Wofford friends who follow my blog through Twitter!

Thanks so much for reading and being my friends! It made a big impact on me this weekend when I had several girls at Ryanns wedding tell me they read my blog and felt like they knew me! But I do blame them for my sore back and feet from dancing!! So girls you comment/ask too!

Ask away, friends!! Have a great week!


Annie said...

Fun! Tell us about your perfect day if you could be doing anything in the world!

I can't remember how I found your blog but I love it. Probably through some other Charlotte girls who are my favorite blogs to read! And the best money I spend every month is for our cleaning ladies to come. They come one time a month and I just touch up here and there!

Laurel said...
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Laurel said...

This is a great idea!
Why don't you share your guilty pleasures (if you haven't already). I can't remember how I found your blog, but I guess through other NC bloggers!

As far as cleaning goes, I found a cleaning schedule on Pinterest that has been really helpful. Basically you have small everyday things (like picking up clothes, etc.) and then each day of the week is dedicated to an area of the house to clean, like the bathroom, or vacuuming the bedroom. I would agree that a cleaning lady can be helpful to give a "jump start"

Lauren said...

Fun! I have thought of doing this but didn't know if anyone would leave a Q so I am happy to help you out!

1) I found your blog through the recipe linkup. I think I have only been reading for about two weeks. If someone is kind enough to follow my blog, I try my best to return the favor and follow back, which of course includes reading posts and commenting if I have something to say!
2) I clean the big stuff when my husband nags me (he's neat, I'm not), but I do try to load the dishwasher and wipe down counters daily, clean our table (it's our mail/junk drop zone) every night or two, and dry swiffer once a week.
3) I might email you that... I don't ever want to post publicly for fear of leaving someone out!

Now, Q's for you...
1) How did you meet your husband?
2) What would you take a guest to do for a perfect day in your city?
3) What makes someone a good blog read to you?

Good luck with the Q&A!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Not sure how I first found your blog, maybe Friday's Fanices? I've been reading it for a few months? started in feb maybe? I live with roommates so we all just pitch in as need be. Some things go too long between deep cleanings, but I generally spend 30 minutes a day cleaning the common areas.

Top Blogs right now: -
Jessica at,
-Betsy at
-Meghan at

Meredith said...

I can't remember how I found you blog, but I've been checking in ever since. I've been reading for a few months and I guess I keep coming back since we have a few similarities. Wedding planning, sorority alum, NC/SC. I'm awful about a cleaning schedule I usually save the big stuff for Saturdays but I'm beginning to rethink that strategy. We just bought our first house so its overwhelming.

1. Favorite thing you 'just had to have' for your wedding or something that played a bigger role than you expected.
2. Totally random but just how many wedding have you gone to in the last year?
3. Most memorable date/trip?
4. Do you shop any online boutiques, if so favorites?

Anonymous said...

1. How did you find my blog, how long have you been reading, and why do you come back!?

I believe I found your blog through Whitney's (The Observant Turtle), but I'm not positive. I've been reading for probably a little bit less than a year. I come back for the fun / interesting / real-life content. Your blog is relate-able.

2. Do you have a weekly cleaning a Hesiod for your house or do you just clean as you see fit? I'm obviously behind on our house and would love to get a schedule in place so the mess doesn't build up.

I try to pick up after I use something so a mess doesn't accumulate, but if I don't I'll just pick up when it needs it or by the end of the night. Usually once or twice a week I'll do a "deep clean" day.

3. Who are three of your top blog reads? I am always searching for some new people to follow and learn about, so leave me their link!

Three of my favorite blogs:

Questions for you:
What are some of your favorite date ideas?
What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?
And I second the how did you and your husband meet question, that another person asked you.


Anonymous said...

What were you like in high school?
Are there any singers/bands that you can't stand?

1. I think I found your blog from the Coast to Coast listing, but I don't remember. I come back because I just like your posts. I've been reading for about a week.
2. Since I work in retail and my schedule isn't regular, I try to clean on a few days throughout the week (before or after work), so I won't have a big to-do list on my days off.
3. I recommend:

Lauren said...

Fun post! I found you through either the observant turtle or fried green pickles....can't remember?? Cleaning wise, I try to keep the downstairs picked up and neat through the week, but honestly, I do the vast majority of my cleaning on the weekends - usually first thing in the morning. Laundry, vacuum, etc. and I'd kill for a maid - to do my blinds and baseboards! Favorite blogs, that's tough! I love Katie @ mykeepcalmandcarryon, definitely A. Liz, I like Katie @ the Perks - too many to choose!

Questions for you ....
What do you think is different ab being married, compared to before?
Favorite and least favorite things about Tyler
Best way to spend a weekend??

Caroline said...

Oh I love Q&A posts! My question would be do you have any advice for couples in long distance relationships since you and Tyler did that? Also, when you were in Illinois was it hard to be away from your family and how did you manage your long distance "relationship" with them?

I think I found your blog through Ryann's blog, but to be honest I can't remember. I've been following for about six months and I love hearing about starting your married life and your new household.
In terms of cleaning, I have never really had a set schedule but I tend to do everything at once. I get motivated and do the whole house rather than having to break it into smaller daily tasks (that I will dread doing everyday!)
Three of my favorite blogs are Jamie @ Southern Simplicity, Nicole @ Bloom and Ashley @ Sweet Southern Prep.

Can't wait to see your answers!

Leah Davis said...

I am commenting solely because you called me out...let's be honest, what questions would I have that I don't already know :)

Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Ashley said...

I'd love for you to post about the wedding planning process (what you were glad you did, what you think looking back, etc.) and what newlywed life is like/how it's different from your engagement period. :)

1. I was looking at several blogs and saw that some blogs that I like to read also follow yours. I also live in SC and am engaged, so I liked to read about your wedding planning and now, newlywed life!
2. No plan yet!
3. Rockstar Diaries, Sweet Southern Prep, and Beantown Prepster part deux :)

Makeshift Margaritas said...

1. I can't remember where I found your blog! It may have been a link-up? I read a few posts and realized we had a lot in common (and both in SC!) and started following! I just started blogging so I am really enjoying finding new blogs to read.
2. I am grossly behind on cleaning our house! I'm hoping to get a schedule going once the bar exam is over...there are some good ones floating around online! So excited to get everything organized (and unpacked from our move in March, oops).
3. I love Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and The Observent Turtle!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

My question would be-- if money wasn't an issue, what would you spend your money on? What would be the first priority? Clothes? Property? Travel? Etc?

Two of my fave blogs are Miss Dixie and Pawleys Island Posh!

And as for me, I don't have a cleaning schedule, just do it as I see fit, with the exception of laundry. I used to literally let laundry pile up-- I seriously would do it like once every few months (with the exception of a load here of there when I really needed to wear something that was dirty). Anyways, it got to be so overwhelming that I decided Sunday would be laundry day. I do a load of sheets and towels, replacing each with a new set and then also do whatever clothes I've worn for the week. It has made all the difference! I'm also pretty anal about the kitchen, so pretty much anytime I cook, I wipe everything down after which keeps it pretty clean most of the time with little effort!