Sunday, July 28, 2013

gallery wall

Well hello there!! 

Sorry about my absence! These computer problems are quite a pain. I have transferred everything off of my computer onto an external hard drive (Thank you for all the info Kimberlee) and now need to figure out organizing my pictures on iphoto to give me more room on my computer.

Until then, the next posts will probably be a hodgepodge of pictures and thoughts that are already on my computer and mind.

Here's our gallery wall that goes up our stairwell.

I was actually able to use Tyler's first deer on the wall and it really blended well!

I realized these pictures are pretty old -- some frames don't even have pictures inside of them!

Most of the frames are thrifted.
Gold "L": C Wonder
Fabric "L": World Market
Black frames: Pottery Barn


DeAnna Stephens said...

Love your wall! It took me forever to get the courage to start ours but I did.
I've added to it a lot more since this post, and I may have shared it with you on IG. Can't remember.

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love the wall! And all the Ls! So cute! I worked on updating my gallery wall/hall this weekend too!

In the Pink said...

Love this!!! The gold L is my favorite!

ryann said...

This is hilarious. Look at my most recent post. I truly am your mini me!!! hahahahha

Sarah Elizabeth said...

love gallery walls!!! I've been wanting to do one in our living room for a while but just haven't gotten around to it...y'alls looks great!!