Tuesday, July 2, 2013

stupid computer problems

Well, friends. I'm going to have to take a break from blogging due to technology.... My hard drive is full on my Mac, my phone is full, and now my external hard drive is full that I was using to put all of my pictures, etc onto. Looks like a trip to Best Buy will be happening very soon.

Blogger will not let me upload any photos, so unless I post without pictures (which is totally boring), I won't be posting until I get this little situation taken care of. I even tried to post a picture of Ryann's beautiful dress and my computer wouldn't let me!! 

In the mean time, PLEASE send me your tips and recommendations on these types of issues- how big of an external hard drive to I need? Best way to move around data on my computer? Phone?

Such a bummer.

But please still connect with me during my time-out!

Thanks for hanging in there with me, friends! And if you have any more questions for my Q&A-- go for it! :)


Anonymous said...

:( I hope you'll be back soon!

Kimberlee Lockwood Photography said...

Charlotte -

I don't mean to overwhelm you with my comment- however I went through this a year and a half ago and had to figure most of it out on my own, real quick! Below is what I do for my Mac and iPhone, as well as my blogger account. Hope some of this helps!

I use a 1 Terabyte WD external hard drive for my pictures (I have a lot, like over 40,000). I use a 750 Gigabyte WD external hard drive for my computer (although this is almost completely full). The 750 gb is set up on my Mac as my time machine. This external drive automatically backs up my computer when I plug it in (Usually this is: before I delete a photo shoot off of my camera [and computer of course], and after it is already on my picture hard drive. I also back it up like once a week).

The external hard drive I use for my pictures is more like a large capacity USB thumb drive. I have everything arranged in folders by year and type. I move my high-res photos straight from my computer to the external drive before I back them up with my other external drive and before I delete them on my computer.

While at Wofford, my computer did the same thing yours did and I kinda started freaking out (on the steps of Old Main when a paper I was writing wouldn't save). To free up some space on my computer after I got an external drive, I went through my iPhoto (which I use for my cell phone pictures, or pictures not taken with my nice camera) and deleted the "rejected photos". If you use iPhoto all those pictures you "delete" actually don't delete, they go into the iPhoto trash, which has to be manually deleted. - To be continued...

Kimberlee Lockwood Photography said...

I also delete / clear out my "downloads" folder every month, as well as my internet history (although this messes up my "favorites", which is annoying for a few days). Obviously, I also empty my trash bin on my dock multiple times a week (I love to see that sucker empty!) Recently, I've also started clearing my internet cache (which stores everything you search for ... I think?). I also deleted or uninstalled any applications that I don't use anymore (and some that came with my Mac that could be reinstalled for Free if I ever decide I want them back).

Once I do all of that I average about 44 available GB on my computer. (I monitor this by pulling up my "trash" folder on my dock and it shows it at the bottom of the window). This includes keeping about 15,000 of my most favorite photos stored in my iPhoto, all my word documents, and applications.

I pay for storage on google drive ($2.50 / month) which allows me to upload a lot more pictures to my blog than the free amount allows. This is totally worth it in my opinion.

Last but not least, your handy dandy phone. I have a 16gb iPhone 4 (sadly no Siri), and the memory filled up a couple of months ago. I store less than 100 songs on my phone, because I choose to store more photos (which take up more room). I was confused when my memory filled up, because I honestly could not figure out how / why. I did some "investigating" on my phone trying to figure it out. If you go to your "settings" app and choose the "usage" option, it will tell you how much memory you have available and how much of your memory is being used. You'll see this gray circle spinning (like it is trying to load something) under the storage summary. Let it load. The first time, mine took 15 minutes (not kidding, I was half-way through my meal at Chipotle). Once it loads it will give you a list of each application and how much memory it is taking up. Believe it or not, my Pinterest application was taking up a ridiculous amount of memory. I realized that it too has a cache (like your internet on your computer, and phone). If you go directly into your Pinterest app on your phone (or any app for that matter), and locate your settings, you can delete this cache. The option to clear it out is at the bottom of my account settings. You can choose to clear browsing history, image cache, or recent contacts. I clear them all every couple of weeks. Currently my Pinterest app takes up 1.5 GB on my phone, with 1GB being the browsing history, image cache or recent contacts. However, I just cleared it and now it takes up less than 400 megabytes.

I hope all of this helps and is not too overwhelming. Let me know if you have any questions or if this doesn't work! Good luck getting it all worked out!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I ran out of space on Blogger, too. I pay $2.99/month on Photobucket for unlimited storage. Totally worth the peace of mind!

Anonymous said...

I would use an external hard drive to back up any photos you don't regularly go through (my guess is that's most of them) and keep updating it every other week or so.

This may sound old fashioned anymore, but you could also get them printed out in a photo book or something.

Mas Plur said...

I ran out of space on Blogger, too. I pay $2.99/month on Photobucket for unlimited storage. Totally worth the peace of mind!
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Alexandra Utsey said...

Don't even bother with an external hardrive. You can backup everything in the cloud using Carbonite. It's incredible!

Regine Karpel said...

Good Luck! I am not computer savvy!

sager said...

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