Thursday, February 28, 2013

Final Wedding Shower: Sunday Luncheon

What a great way to wrap up our parties! We had a delicious Sunday luncheon at our dear family friend's home last Sunday (after our party in Greenville Saturday night). A few families that my family is really close to had lunch for us and it was absolutely perfect.

This house is owned by a former Clemson baseball and football player who went on to play for the Mets, Brewers, and retired from the Astros. He has an awesome office with all of his jerseys, baseballs signed by other players, bats, autographs, signed photos, posters, football helmets, and deer. It is the man cave of all man caves and it is awesome!!!!

Ladies in the kitchen

Gorgeous table

Delicious dessert



Sweet friends- neighbor, family friends, and my wonderful doctor on the right!

Loved the silver goblets!

Family in the man cave + baseball room

Tyler's psuedo family


Gorgeous flowers


Family and church friends

My 88 year old cousin's place cards he wrote for everyone. He is a hoot (in the middle above with his arms out).

It was such a lovely luncheon and I am so thankful for the families who worked so hard on the delicious food- seafood casserole, salad, sweet potato casserole, pork tenderloin, and other yummy dishes!

Thank you, thank you Bull, Spires, and Holman families!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Random

I really don't have anything specific to report for this week's Wedding Wednesday. This may just be a rambling so I apologize in advance.

I do have one thing to note... I feel like I am missing something VERY important! I mean, we've had the big details nailed down for a long time but my gut is telling me that something isn't right (and I don't mean gastritis this time). 

I'm racking my brain and my to-do list...

Hair appointments are scheduled for wedding day. Rings are in my possession. Programs are almost finished. We have the car to leave in. We have passports and our plane tickets to Jamaica. My dress is back at the store to get steamed. I decided to do my makeup myself. The menu is complete. The music is picked out. Counseling is next weekend. My bachelorette party is this weekend. The event planner is on her game. The band has been contacted and up to date on plans. Our wedding gift to each other is in our drive way (post on that later). All of the favors, guest book, bridesmaid gifts, parents gifts, confetti, etc is in the hall outside of my room........ so what am I forgetting! It is driving me crazy!

Oh I guess I should mention I got my bridal shoot pictures back last week and I love them! There a few that I reallllyyyy love and I cannot wait to show them off. My photographer is precious and so talented!

Engagement Pic Throwback

25 days!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

His & Hers Lowcountry Boil

My wonderful and sweet friends threw us a FUN shower/party Saturday night. It was an absolute blast! I have the best girlfriends in the world! Everything was perfect- the food, the drinks, the people, the decorations! It was awesome and a great time was had by all!

Love my mini-me!

Precious cupcakes

Sweet friends!

No party is compete without kegs...

I love these girls!

Lowcountry Boil

Bride & Groom!

Wofford Bridesmaids


Love our cupcakes

Love him

Delicious grits bar

It was such an incredibly fun night. I am so thankful to Megan for having the party at her beautiful house and Beverly, Hannah, Virginia, Leah, and Anna for being awesome hostesses! I love y'all!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five

1. This week has been filled with wedding appointments- florist / event planner, printer, final fitting, etc! I was able to fit in a job interview, though. Crossing my fingers for a 2nd round.

2. Tyler has been out of town all week for work and I am so ready to see him! We are going to Greenville Saturday for a "His and Hers" shower thrown by some of my best friends from Wofford. Sunday we have a luncheon with family friends. I love celebrating with the people we love!

3. We've loved getting wedding RSVPs, whether it has been hand written notes or even phone calls! I run to the mailbox every day to check for mail. It's like Christmas everyday.

4. I wish I had somewhere fun and formal to wear this dress! This is my favorite color of all time! Link-up with {av} at Long Distance Loving for Friday's Fancies!

red carpet

dress // heels // clutch // bracelet / pearls // ring // earrings // nail polish

5. This bland diet is for the birds. I really just want a cheeseburger but don't think my tummy would take that well! Hopefully this new medicine will kick in and I can start eating normally again.

That's it for today. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Invitations

We are really getting in the final countdown to March 23! I honestly cannot believe it!

Today I want to share our invitations. They were mailed out last week and I can now reveal them to the public and I am thrilled!

Our very dear family friend addressed every single one of our many invitations. We will truly never be able to repay her for her time and talent! They were all beautiful!

We ordered the invitations from Reaves Engraving. My parents' debutante club has been using them for years.

I decided on a hard card rather than thin paper.

All of the pieces together.

I'm in love!

We also did not include an envelope for the RSVP and instead added on the reception card, "The favour of a reply is requested." Maybe we are a little old school, but the new RSVP card envelope is a new thing. We wanted to go the most formal route and hope that our guests would send back a formal note in the mail. We've gotten a few, but more phone calls freaking out that we forget the envelope. I guess people do not realize the proper way to respond. To help with the confusion, I spread the word to just reply somehow in order to help with our head count!

31 days!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

C Wonder is my New Favorite!

I don't remember how and when I found the wonderfulness of C Wonder, but I did and I am so happy!  These few items would just be so wonderful in my closet or in our home! Luckily, I can call the little elephant at the bottom mine because I got it for Christmas! It's a precious little tray!

C Wonder

ballerina flat shoes // I just adore these shoes! They would add a number to my closet!

laptop tote // This tote is a close second behind my orange Kate Spade tote that I love!

 studded jewelry // Tortoise is always a good choice!

polka dot scarve // I am loving the green and blue together AND the polka dots and stripes combo!

 sparkly belt // Every girl needs some sparkle!

elephant plate // Like I mentioned, such a cute little tray perfect for decoration.

 iphone case // On my real wishlist as well as a new phone since my phone is cracked....

cheese board // I loooove pineapple things!!! This would be such a fun hostess gift!

 monogram mug // Who doesn't love a monogram?

gingham shirt // Eek, this shirt tops all of my favorite J Crew gingham tops!

 tassel fob // I am also needing a new fob because my keys feel very bare lately!

Do you shop at  C Wonder? What's your favorite thing?

Monday, February 18, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

We haven't had marriage counseling yet (March 10), but Tyler and I have already nailed this part of our vows. We've been battling his bad back together and this past weekend he battled my issues...


I left this off all social media before now on purpose. I had every intention of hoping to get away with this incident without a soul knowing, but my little community has quite the gossip train, and it got out.

Rewind to Thanksgiving....I went to my family physician because I was having some weird stomach pains. I thought I had just over eaten a few times or was maybe allergic to something. She told me it was most likely acid reflux and prescribed me some Zantac to help the problem. I went to my "lady" doctor later that day for my check-up, and he mentioned that it could be my gallbladder. I just kind of let it go because the pain came and went.

Fast forward to Christmas and I was still having weird pain, especially after eating. After a venti non-fat peppermint white mocha during the holidays, I seriously thought I was going to keel over and die. I could barely stand up my stomach was bothering me so much! My doctor told me after that to cut out coffee, tomato, peppermint (depressing), and citrus, and I did for the most part.

The pain could come off and on, and usually a few meds cleared it up.

This past Friday night after dinner, I kept complaining to my mom that my "tum tum" (as Tyler and I jokingly call it) hurt. They thought I was being dramatic because I hadn't had quite the best afternoon (the makeup artist stood me up at Belk an hour before my bridal shoot). We were going to a friend's house and I made Tyler promise me we wouldn't stay long. I sat by the fire with my legs up by my chest, hoping the pain would go away. I even took my regular medicine plus some pepcid. No relief. On the way home, I seriously considered passing my house and driving to the hospital.

After sleeping in the fetal position all night, I woke up and went downstairs and immediately put my head on the kitchen table. Thats when we all knew something was up. I felt sick, but not very nauseous, and I felt like someone was punching me in the stomach or twisting my insides. After much persuading, Tyler took me to the ER, and my parents drove to Charleston to get his parents from the airport who were flying in to visit for the weekend.

Four hours later of a full bag of fluids, blood tests, an ultrasound, listening to a crack head across the hall, and much waiting, we had a diagnosis. The doctor was afraid it was my gallbladder and I was too! I didn't want emergency surgery for so many reasons, I mean we had a party in honor of us in just a few hours.

Luckily the diagnosis was gastritis, aka inflammation of the outer lining of the stomach.


I had this in high school from being dehydrated and stressed. Doesn't that sound familiar? Thankfully I was given medicine and told to stay hydrated and eat a bland diet. I've had lots of water, bread, and noodles recently..... even with all of the delicious food this weekend!

Of course when I got to the party Saturday night, every single person (thats 110 guests and hosts) knew I had been to the ER that morning. Mortified was an understatement! I put on my big girl panties and kept a bottle of water with me all night and still had an absolute blast!

Not exactly what this planner had in mind, but I am SO thankful it was a quick diagnosis and that I'm ok! I feel fine now, as long as I don't eat much and take it easy. No one wants a trip to the ER on a Saturday morning, or ever!

So thankful for Tyler and for his taking care of me! He was such a trooper and listened to every word that the doctor and nurses had to say about my aching belly. I can now say I understand "in sickness and in health," because it is hard to see someone you love sit in pain. I love listening to couple's vows at weddings because they are so incredibly important to a marriage..

Anyway... That's my ER story! Please tell me someone else has an ER story to share??? :-)


What a fun weekend! I am still recovering from going, going, going all weekend! This weekend was so humbling and made us realize how many people love us. 

Tyler's parents just left for the airport and I am finally sitting down all alone! Tyler left this morning for NC for the week for work. I can't believe I honestly have a free afternoon (well, sort of.... need to find some silver shoes, pay rent, run some other errands, and wash sheets.. and catch up on Revenge). 

Saturday night we had a BBQ hosted by 14 of my parents' closest couple friends. They have all been very close to me throughout my life. I was so happy that Tyler's parents were able to come down and get to meet everyone that we talk about in our small town. Some of my Wofford friends made the trip down, even in the yucky weather, to celebrate with us! I was so thankful they got to come! The food was delicious, the friends were entertaining, and even the DJ was fun! I can't wait to see the pictures that one of the hostesses took. I unfortunately only got two on my camera. 

Sunday was jammed packed! Church at 9 (Ty's parents wanted to see our small country church), meeting with the event coordinator at 11 for the rehearsal dinner, lunch, meeting with the caterer for the RD (I skipped this event), a nap for me, and a dinner party with very close family friends at a pond house. The food was seriously delicious! After we all ate, a distant cousin of mine told stories of his time as a doctor (many, many years ago), and had everyone tickled to death. I really do love being around this group of people because the laughter just gets louder and louder as the night goes on.

We had so much fun celebrating our future marriage, and anyone in Calhoun County will tell you this weekend really was all about us and our families. If you know my family and me, you know that we have lovely and gracious friends that adore celebrating big occasions like this and will do anything to help us celebrate. This is the only time in my life we will get to do this, so we are doing it, having fun, and enjoying any second. No one is going to ruin this time in our lives!

Sorry for the no-picture post, but I can't wait to see the pictures when I get them! Again, what a blessing to be loved and admired by so many. I am so thankful for so many friendships.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too! Thanks for reading about OUR weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink + Red

Happy Day after Valentines Day!

Today's Friday's Fancies theme is pink and red! If I had these items in my closet, this is what I'd put together to wear on a fun date!


 coat // shoes  // clutch // earrings // dress

Link up with {av} at Long Distance Loving!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obligatory Valentines Post

Happy Valentines Day to this guy who I get to marry in 37 days!!!!!!

Isn't he the cutest!? I love you, Ty.

We'll be celebrating with Skinnytaste pineapple fried rice and hopefully froyo for dessert. Then ALL weekend is dedicated to us and wedding parties!

Happy Heart Day, friends!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Kendall!


Y'all, Kendall is one of the most wonderful ladies out there! She is kind, caring, sweet, funny, and truly a woman of God! She is running in her first 1/2 marathon in a few weeks and I am so proud of her! She is also one of my bridesmaids!!!!

This girl loooooooooooves birthdays! and I loooooove her!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Check out her blog here!!

Wedding Checklist

Updated Wedding Checklist

Set a date - March 23!!
Book venue - The Cinema
Book photographerSara Parker
Book videographer - we decided not to do this!
Book band/DJ   Ascension
Ask bridal party to be in wedding (meet them here !)
Create our wedding website (check it out here)
Book caterer and barCatering for All Occasions
Register (At Williams-Sonoma, BB&B, Pottery Barn, Belk, Amazon, and Nonesuch)
Book florist Cricket Newman Designs
Buy wedding dress  Evelyn's Bridal
Book ceremony musician(s)
Take engagement pictures  (view here)
Select bridesmaids dress - they are IN!
Select and order groom and groomsmen attire 
Purchase veil Book cake baker  Mrs. JoAnn's cakes are the best!
Buy cake knife and server  caterer is in charge!
Order save the dates (see them here)
Finalize guest list - awful awful awful awful!
Send save the dates.
Book officiant - did I mention our minister resigned? We got a new one last minute!
Pre-marital counseling- working on that
Order guest book- went with a nontraditional one- SO excited!
Hotel room blocks- 40 rooms out of 58 are booked so far
MOB & MOG dress shopping  - purchased!
Find wedding shoes
Find wedding jewelry 
Find garter - hmm.....
Book make up and hair stylist - Haley is the best!
Take bridal portraits- FRIDAY!!!!
1st dress fitting
2nd dress fitting
Order ceremony programs - almost ready
Find calligrapher
Order invitations 
Mail invitations - YESTERDAY!!
Book rehearsal dinner venue (Calhoun Country Club)
Buy RD dress
Order favors - they are in!
Order cocktail napkins - they are in!
Bridal party gifts - they are here!
Bachelorette party - March 2!
Purchase wedding bands- got mine Sunday, got Tyler's yesterday!
Get marriage license
Buy "getaway dress" - don't think I'm doing that..
Book honeymoon- San Souci Jamaica!
RD invitations 
Groom's cake
Music selections to band and ceremony artist 
Book wedding night hotel room
Order thank you notes
Walk down the aisle!!

Whew, and these are just the big details! I could list little details forever!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Newest Obsession

I've been doing really well on my wedding running spree. I've either run or been to the gym for a class every 6 out of 7 days a week since the new year. I have felt sooo good about myself, but recently I've had a little food downfall....

This is the absolute most delicious ice cream in the entire world. I just stumbled upon it at Walgreens when they were running a $1.99 Blue Bell pint sale last week. I can't stop eating it and I've only limited myself to this one pint. I try to just eat one spoon full a night. It has the most amazing little chunks of red velvet cake in it.

I missed Blue Bell in Illinois and man, oh man, it is great to be back in the South to get this stuff! Did I ever mention that in 2009 I tried every Blue Bell flavor? Yeah, I did that. When I was a camp counselor we stopped and got ice cream every afternoon after water skiing and since I went e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. I got to try all the flavors (all while eating Dominos pizza every day. GROSS) and I definitely gained 10 lbs. I seriously looked forward to this stuff every day!

Is there a new Blue Bell flavor I need to try? Do you have a favorite?

Blue Bell, if you are reading this, I'd sure love to review your ice cream.......

Monday, February 11, 2013

Styling a Bookcase

It's no secret I've had so much fun decorating our new house! One thing I have really been working on is the gallery wall and the bar / bookcase. I have so many little trinkets and things but I cannot figure out where to put them! I have very similar things below to put in the bookcase above the bar. I keep collecting more and more to make it look put together. Pinterest, as always, has been a great resource to make a bookcase look clean and styled.

Do you have any suggestions as to what to add / subtract? I wanted to add things to both of our personalities, hence the black lab and ducks... And Tyler is really into maps these days so I want to incorporate a map of Beaufort somehow. Oh, and how could I forget the gold deer bookends I found on One Kings Lane (my fav!). 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Perrow in Town!


I am THRILLED to announce that my cousin (who is like my brother) proposed to his girlfriend yesterday in Asheville at the Biltmore! I just knew it was coming soon and my grandmother and I actually talked about it on Thursday! We have been dying for him to propose. Betsy is sooo precious and so sweet. We are both Greys Anatomy fans and ZTAs!

Betsy texted me Saturday night to tell me and I just screamed with excitement and of course immediately called her. I grew up the only Perrow female and now we have another on the way! I am so lucky to have Stacey and Betsy who are more like sisters than cousins to me!

Seriously are they cute or what!?

Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Perrow!

HOORAY for another cousin!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exploring Beaufort

Tyler and I told ourselves we were going to explore our new home this weekend since almost every weekend until the wedding is booked with parties, etc.

This morning we hopped in the truck with Sarge and headed to Port Royal to let Sarge get used to the salt water, and dang it.. he had a ball! I had so much fun taking pictures with my new Nikon Rebel t3i that I got for Christmas and hadn't used much!

 Sarge had so much fun watching the porpoises! 

  Pretty sure this is the most amazing picture I've ever taken!

I am just so in love with where we live!