Monday, February 18, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

We haven't had marriage counseling yet (March 10), but Tyler and I have already nailed this part of our vows. We've been battling his bad back together and this past weekend he battled my issues...


I left this off all social media before now on purpose. I had every intention of hoping to get away with this incident without a soul knowing, but my little community has quite the gossip train, and it got out.

Rewind to Thanksgiving....I went to my family physician because I was having some weird stomach pains. I thought I had just over eaten a few times or was maybe allergic to something. She told me it was most likely acid reflux and prescribed me some Zantac to help the problem. I went to my "lady" doctor later that day for my check-up, and he mentioned that it could be my gallbladder. I just kind of let it go because the pain came and went.

Fast forward to Christmas and I was still having weird pain, especially after eating. After a venti non-fat peppermint white mocha during the holidays, I seriously thought I was going to keel over and die. I could barely stand up my stomach was bothering me so much! My doctor told me after that to cut out coffee, tomato, peppermint (depressing), and citrus, and I did for the most part.

The pain could come off and on, and usually a few meds cleared it up.

This past Friday night after dinner, I kept complaining to my mom that my "tum tum" (as Tyler and I jokingly call it) hurt. They thought I was being dramatic because I hadn't had quite the best afternoon (the makeup artist stood me up at Belk an hour before my bridal shoot). We were going to a friend's house and I made Tyler promise me we wouldn't stay long. I sat by the fire with my legs up by my chest, hoping the pain would go away. I even took my regular medicine plus some pepcid. No relief. On the way home, I seriously considered passing my house and driving to the hospital.

After sleeping in the fetal position all night, I woke up and went downstairs and immediately put my head on the kitchen table. Thats when we all knew something was up. I felt sick, but not very nauseous, and I felt like someone was punching me in the stomach or twisting my insides. After much persuading, Tyler took me to the ER, and my parents drove to Charleston to get his parents from the airport who were flying in to visit for the weekend.

Four hours later of a full bag of fluids, blood tests, an ultrasound, listening to a crack head across the hall, and much waiting, we had a diagnosis. The doctor was afraid it was my gallbladder and I was too! I didn't want emergency surgery for so many reasons, I mean we had a party in honor of us in just a few hours.

Luckily the diagnosis was gastritis, aka inflammation of the outer lining of the stomach.


I had this in high school from being dehydrated and stressed. Doesn't that sound familiar? Thankfully I was given medicine and told to stay hydrated and eat a bland diet. I've had lots of water, bread, and noodles recently..... even with all of the delicious food this weekend!

Of course when I got to the party Saturday night, every single person (thats 110 guests and hosts) knew I had been to the ER that morning. Mortified was an understatement! I put on my big girl panties and kept a bottle of water with me all night and still had an absolute blast!

Not exactly what this planner had in mind, but I am SO thankful it was a quick diagnosis and that I'm ok! I feel fine now, as long as I don't eat much and take it easy. No one wants a trip to the ER on a Saturday morning, or ever!

So thankful for Tyler and for his taking care of me! He was such a trooper and listened to every word that the doctor and nurses had to say about my aching belly. I can now say I understand "in sickness and in health," because it is hard to see someone you love sit in pain. I love listening to couple's vows at weddings because they are so incredibly important to a marriage..

Anyway... That's my ER story! Please tell me someone else has an ER story to share??? :-)


Madison Claire said...

That sounds terrible! But I'm so glad you didn't have to have surgery. Feel better!

Shannon Vaughn said...

Junior year, I woke up for class one morning, sure that I was dying. Decided I would still go to class, but passed out walking down the stairs at the Zeta house. After hours at Campus Health, I was sent to the ER. Coleman stood by my side through fluids, ultra sounds and scans until I was finally diagnosed with a severe kindey infection. That only one of three hospitals trips I made throughout my college years!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have this. I'm glad that it isn't too serious! Tyler sure sounds like a keeper though! I hope you feel better soon!

Carrie Land said...

How horrible! I'm glad it wasn't anything worse.

I had to take my husband to the ER just a few weeks after we got married. Turned out to be a kidney stone. Still pretty terrifying!

Brianna Tucker said...

UTI that the doctor told me I didn't have but I knew I did. She told me is was some other infection and then it turned into a kidney infection and bladder infection resulting in me crawling to the car and then andrew carring me to the hospital cause I was in so much pain and couldn't walk.

Luci said...

Oh my goodness Char! Glad to hear that everything is okay. There is nothing worse than a trip to the ER.

Kimberlee Lockwood Photography said...

Junior year after returning from Vietnam for Interim I came down with an awful stomach bug (at Wofford). I became so dehydrated I couldn't talk, or walk for that matter. I was taken to the ER via ambulance, because the only way to get me out of the dorm was by stretcher. Needless to say, they couldn't figure out what foreign bug I had caught, but it was NOT fun. I don't think I've ever been so sick!

Whitney said...

I think I actually have chronic gastritis! I've kind of diagnosed myself, because I'm tired of going to doctors. I have been dealing with them for a year! The only time I've ever been to the ER was last year. They admitted me and I was there for two days. Blahhhh!