Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Invitations

We are really getting in the final countdown to March 23! I honestly cannot believe it!

Today I want to share our invitations. They were mailed out last week and I can now reveal them to the public and I am thrilled!

Our very dear family friend addressed every single one of our many invitations. We will truly never be able to repay her for her time and talent! They were all beautiful!

We ordered the invitations from Reaves Engraving. My parents' debutante club has been using them for years.

I decided on a hard card rather than thin paper.

All of the pieces together.

I'm in love!

We also did not include an envelope for the RSVP and instead added on the reception card, "The favour of a reply is requested." Maybe we are a little old school, but the new RSVP card envelope is a new thing. We wanted to go the most formal route and hope that our guests would send back a formal note in the mail. We've gotten a few, but more phone calls freaking out that we forget the envelope. I guess people do not realize the proper way to respond. To help with the confusion, I spread the word to just reply somehow in order to help with our head count!

31 days!


Taylor said...

ahahaha. this cracks me up. as my mother would say, some people were born in a barn that they thought you didn't send an RSVP card rather than realizing it was the "right" thing to do. I commend you - very old school and I love it! beautiful classic invitations!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....I don't have anything "ugly" to say, but honestly, posting on Facebook is the last place I could imagine having to ask for replies. I totally get where you were going for the formal route, but I think if you were aiming for that way, stick with it! By posting on Facebook, you have have compromised all that you have intended to achieve formality wise. It seems to me that everyone knows when your wedding is, and they should some how figure out how to RSVP. The world has actually turned into a strange place, especially since you have to use social media to ask people to reply to your special day. I would be very disappointed but not discouraged. You seem VERY upset, and I am sorry things are not turning out for the way you intended. You should not have to go on an etiquette rant, people should know better. I know your intentions were good, but it just did not work in your favor this time. Let's hope people "man up" and do the right thing.
Greenville, South Carolina

Whitney said...

Oh wow, I would never think of replying via formal note! haha. Maybe it's just my family, but I've never heard of that. Then again, my parents had their wedding in a mall... lol! I love how traditional y'all are :)

Kristin said...

The writing is amazing!

Madison Claire said...

I love how classic, timeless and traditional your invitations are! I don't think there's such a thing as being too old school, especially when it comes to weddings :)
Also, I nominated you for the Leibster Award on my blog :)

ryann said...

hahaha not going to lie I had a slight freak out because I wasn't sure how to respond when I got your gorgeous invites! You know I'll be there but a formal acceptance is on the way! :) Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

Emily said...

AHHH 30 DAYS!!!!! I love your invitations! The simplicity of them is fabulous. And bless your friend who wrote them!!!

Recently Roached said...

People are SO weird about invitations. Everyone has their own way to do them... just remember that if you ever volunteer to address your friend's invitations like I did. :)

Exciting stuff though. I felt like the wedding was really happening when we put those bad boys in the mail :)

Ashley said...

These turned out beautifully!

Luci said...

We ran into the same problem with ML. Emily Post would not be pleased with today's society. On another note, the invitations are beautiful! Mine arrived last week!

Molly S. said...

Ahhh I LOVE the invites! This is sure making me miss wedding planning. At the time is was super stressful, but heck I miss it.

Wow March 23 is just around the corner. Enjoy this last month planning! :)