Monday, February 18, 2013


What a fun weekend! I am still recovering from going, going, going all weekend! This weekend was so humbling and made us realize how many people love us. 

Tyler's parents just left for the airport and I am finally sitting down all alone! Tyler left this morning for NC for the week for work. I can't believe I honestly have a free afternoon (well, sort of.... need to find some silver shoes, pay rent, run some other errands, and wash sheets.. and catch up on Revenge). 

Saturday night we had a BBQ hosted by 14 of my parents' closest couple friends. They have all been very close to me throughout my life. I was so happy that Tyler's parents were able to come down and get to meet everyone that we talk about in our small town. Some of my Wofford friends made the trip down, even in the yucky weather, to celebrate with us! I was so thankful they got to come! The food was delicious, the friends were entertaining, and even the DJ was fun! I can't wait to see the pictures that one of the hostesses took. I unfortunately only got two on my camera. 

Sunday was jammed packed! Church at 9 (Ty's parents wanted to see our small country church), meeting with the event coordinator at 11 for the rehearsal dinner, lunch, meeting with the caterer for the RD (I skipped this event), a nap for me, and a dinner party with very close family friends at a pond house. The food was seriously delicious! After we all ate, a distant cousin of mine told stories of his time as a doctor (many, many years ago), and had everyone tickled to death. I really do love being around this group of people because the laughter just gets louder and louder as the night goes on.

We had so much fun celebrating our future marriage, and anyone in Calhoun County will tell you this weekend really was all about us and our families. If you know my family and me, you know that we have lovely and gracious friends that adore celebrating big occasions like this and will do anything to help us celebrate. This is the only time in my life we will get to do this, so we are doing it, having fun, and enjoying any second. No one is going to ruin this time in our lives!

Sorry for the no-picture post, but I can't wait to see the pictures when I get them! Again, what a blessing to be loved and admired by so many. I am so thankful for so many friendships.

Hope you had a fun weekend, too! Thanks for reading about OUR weekend!


Whitney said...

This sounds so fun! I am so glad that you are finally back in SC. Did y'all get any snow this weekend?

Brianna Tucker said...

Sounds like great weekend. I know youare so excited that the big day is so soon!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you're getting married so soon!!! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :)