Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink + Red

Happy Day after Valentines Day!

Today's Friday's Fancies theme is pink and red! If I had these items in my closet, this is what I'd put together to wear on a fun date!


 coat // shoes  // clutch // earrings // dress

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Blue Dog Belle said...

Love that coat! So pretty!!!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Love this! Gorgeous dress!!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!
World According to Shia

Victoria said...

love this! those earrings are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlotte,
I know you are excited to be getting married, and people sure do share in that emotion. However, just a word of caution. I would honestly be careful saying that the whole weekend is dedicated to you. Yes, it is great you are having parties. I have loved sharing the joy, but you have recently come across as, well, pompous. I know you think Ty is the cutest, and if you don't say for yourself, nobody will, but wow your blog is starting to become braggy.
I am so sorry to have to write this, but I was watching to see how things were going, and it just rather unpleasant. In time you will look back on this and get what I am saying. Take a piece of some humble pie.
PS-I think you will know who this is; therefore, I am sparing you thee embarrassment.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is on my top list of blogs to check every morning! It is always a treat when I find a new post has been added. You exude such a positive attitude throughout each and every post. Even with life throws your a curve ball... or a move across the handle it with grace and class. Everyday I enjoy getting little updates on your happy life, your wedding planning, your love for your family, your friends,decorating, and fashion. The boards you put together are always so creative and inspiring. It is honestly refreshing to see a bride who has such a well-managed blog that has not become completely consumed by her wedding plans. I am so excited to see the finished product for your big day and your happily ever after! You and Tyler have worked so hard to be where you are today and you should enjoy every bit of this most special part of your life together. Only a little bit longer until you add another beautiful ring (although it cant get much better than what you have now!) to your finger so enjoy every bit of these last weeks leading up to YOUR day!