Saturday, February 9, 2013

Exploring Beaufort

Tyler and I told ourselves we were going to explore our new home this weekend since almost every weekend until the wedding is booked with parties, etc.

This morning we hopped in the truck with Sarge and headed to Port Royal to let Sarge get used to the salt water, and dang it.. he had a ball! I had so much fun taking pictures with my new Nikon Rebel t3i that I got for Christmas and hadn't used much!

 Sarge had so much fun watching the porpoises! 

  Pretty sure this is the most amazing picture I've ever taken!

I am just so in love with where we live!


Megan said...

DYING over the palm trees! So glad you are loving your new town :).

Brianna Tucker said...

Ah I am so jealous. How far did you have to d rive to get this view ??

Lindsey said...

Love the photos! It is so gorgeous there!

Whitney said...

You LIVE near that?!!? I am SO jealous!

Katie said...

OMG I love your new home!! I need to move to somewhere by the water...a move down South is actually in the works for us sometime after the wedding and I couldn't be more excited.

Lacey in the City said...

I <3333 Beaufort. I miss South Carolina so much! My mom is moving back to SC (Myrtle Beach) this year though, so I'll be getting back there soon to visit her.

I was just thinking- have you ever told the story of how you and Tyler met?