Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Save the Date!

Yay for Wedding Wednesday, even if it is Halloween!
I pretty much spoiled this post yesterday when I posted my instagram picture of what Hurricane Sandy did to Tyler's parent's mail!
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Last week I finally sent out all of the Save the Dates, and I must say... I am very proud!
I decided to go with a magnet because I think they are so practical. I feel like I also lose invitations or other save the dates get lost or fall of the fridge! I thought I was being really creative when I picked a magnet, because I hadn't seen many people at home (SC) who had done them, just lots of friends in IL. Looks like someone beat me to the punch, but I am still very excited about them / scared that my face is plastered on dozens and dozens of refrigerators. That's scary stuff! It.Is.REAL!
Without further ado (I had to google this and check this phrase haha)... here are our STDs! (Ha, Emily, can't not think about you when I say that! )

Yay! I found this design on Vistaprint, and improvised a little with the sizes and font of the text.
Also, all of the engagement announcements made it in the paper over the weekend!
You can view them here at The Times and Democrat and The State!
Did you do paper announcements? These were seriously a pain! Each newspaper has its own way of printing them and using their forms! And they aren't cheap!
Things are coming along and I am so very glad to have this weight lifted off of my shoulders.
Speaking of shoulders, I got back in my Tuesday morning weight lifting routine. I am going to get these arms looking GOOD. Our instructor kept pushing me saying "wedding arms! wedding arms!" Yikes. And hopefully I can really stick to weight watchers. I was doing great at first, then got in this rut I was talking about on Monday.
Anyway, what do you think!? What did you do for your Save the Dates?
Ta ta,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Going Craigslist Crazy!!

First of all, thank you all for your sweet words yesterday! It was just one of those days, and after a gym session last night and this morning, I feel much better! Just needed to vent a little and count my blessings :)
I am going crazy over looking at furniture on Craigslist! Ever since I redid my table and chairs, I just want to add some nice furniture to my name! I really don't want to have to buy things brand new when Tyler and I get married. He has a couch and a bedroom set, but I think you need a LOT more than that to make a house a "home." Maybe I'll get some surprise wedding furniture that no one is telling me about. #hopeful

These are some of the things I have found recently that I want to pull the trigger on!

How fun would this be to repaint and add cute knobs to? For $45, I might just have to pick this up when I am home at Thanksgiving!

I want this so badly!! I think it would add such a sophisticated touch to an entryway!!! $75.. Reasonable, right??
Every girl needs a china cabinet! Ah, if I ever pick out my fine china, I could actually put it in here! $300. Thoughts?
This could be SO FUN as a bar!!!!

I have a feeling the blue chest has sold, but I am going to keep my eye on these pieces as well as a few others! You know you are grown up when you get excited about furniture... Yikes!

Have a great day and stay dry and safe on the East Coast!

Ta ta,


Monday, October 29, 2012


This may be the first post where I "let it all out there." It's my blog, my place, my creative outlet.

In no way am I looking for a pity party, attention, or even a response, but you know those days where you just need to vent but don't know who to go to?? Yes that would be me today and my blog is the place to go.

Lately I've been really stressed. Overwhelmed. A little homesick.

Work, wedding planning 12 hours away, being so far away from my family and friends, and trying to figure out what the future holds. I'm terrible at secrets, hiding my feelings, and acting like nothing is bothering me. I've been exhausted lately. Taking iron supplements to try to give me some extra energy, drinking more Diet Cokes than normal, and taking an extended vacation from my gym routine.

I think it's just a phase. The weather is changing, work is getting more frustrating, and being this far away from everyone is starting to make me feel more and more left out.

Can't say that Wofford Homecoming in the middle of this yuckiness helped any! Unfortunately, it just wasn't smart for me to take off one more day of work and buy one more plane ticket to go for the weekend. As much as I wanted to, I put it off and missed my chance of going. Luckily,Tyler tried to keep me busy all weekend, and bless his heart he had to deal with my sadness and whining that all of my friends were together! He understands that it is hard to be away. Thank goodness!

He really has stuck through this year with me... I can't believe Thursday marks Year #1 of my time in Illinois. I truly can't believe I made it! More on that later this week :)

So with all of this said, I'm going to apologize in advance for being a grump. I'll try to keep some happy things posted, but sometimes your thoughts and feelings just kind of take over the normal Charlotte!

Thanks for following along if you are still reading this. I truly appreciate all of you who read my blog! Again, I think its the cold weather, and the realization that being an adult isn't always fun. I'm making myself go to the gym tonight to get some energy, and hopefully will start to perk up.

And, I must end this post with the funniest story ever. This WILL make you laugh.

Thursday night Tyler was cooking dinner at my apartment.. Sarge was there and was acting a fool as usual. I heard some water running and at first I thought it was Tyler running the faucet, but then quickly realized Sarge was tinkling ALL over the linoleum floor and carpet! I screamed, "HE'S PEEING!!!!" And as Tyler reached out to grab him and spank him, Ty stepped in the pee, slipped, and busted his tail on the ground... Into the pee. I was absolutely dying. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. Tears were rolling out of my eyes! I couldn't contain myself!! After Sarge was thrown outside to finish relieving himself, Ty came back in and we both fell on the floor laughing! Oh Sarge, always making us laugh!

Thank heavens for animals. Actually, thank heavens for Sarge (and Tyler!)... Love that little guy!

Ok, thats all for now! Promise tomorrow's post will be happier!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fancies #100!

{av} hit a milestone today! Today is the 100th edition of Friday's Fancies! I have had a lot of fun putting outfits together for this fun link up on Fridays.
To celebrate, I put together a pretty outfit that would be great for a formal affair. I truly am lusting over these shoes. I really want them as my wedding shoes, but they are little too over-priced for what I want to wear on this special day!
To help {av} celebrate, head over to her blog and link up!


Diane von Furstenberg // hot pink lace dress
Kate Spade // high heel shoes
Malene Birger // envelope clutch 
 Miu Miu // crystal bracelet 
Happy weekend! That calls for a celebration itself!
Ta ta,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Weeks!

...until my birthday!

24 is coming soon. This is the first year I haven't been excited because I have so much other things going on in my life like wedding planning, work, planning for the holidays... and SO much more ;)

Usually I compile a huge list of 100 things I really want and need (duh) but with the wedding and so much else going on, I guess I'll make a short and sweet list!
Tyler already bought my early birthday present (on sale of course) when we were in Rhode Island

Hello, beautiful. Good thing you are a summer style so I have to WAIT to use you! Thanks, Ty! You really spoil me!
I did jokingly pull both my dad and Tyler in the story to see if they could both cough up the money for this beauty, but both rolled their eyes and laughed at me for even thinking I would ever get this as a gift!
Hello Maisey Crossbody. I love you, I really do. But you are way to pricy for this girl!

Here are the other things I am realistically asking for:
Clarisonic Mia:
My face has gotten pretty terrible lately. I will the first to admit that I don't wash it like I should, so if I had one of these little gadgets, I'm pretty sure I would actually use it! Hey mom, you can buy one here.
Art for our house:
Well, not sure what "our house" means yet, but I can start collecting pretty art to hang on the walls that isn't duck, deer, or pheasant related, right??
 I'll take any of these :)
Silver Watch:
I love my gold watch, but I think its time to invest in silver too. I like the large face so I can actually tell the time! And I really like the date on the watch I have now!
I would take a square face as well.
Andddddd thats it. I think the rest of my presents from here to eternity will be revolved around my wedding!
Anything else I should add? I'm sure my list will grow after I publish this post, haha!
Have a great Thursday!
Ta ta,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Wedding Wednesday- Hair, Colors, Parties

I don't really have a theme for today, so I'm just going to post some updates and wedding thoughts.
Yesterday marked 5 months until the big day... FIVE.
Oh. My. Gosh!
We have started scheduling parties and showers now that I know what my life is going to look like in the upcoming months... So far I have a Christmas shower (thanks Becca!), Cocktail party (Mom's friends), Sunday dinner (family friends), Engagement party (in PA), Church shower (church ladies), family supper (family friends), and Bachelorette party (YAY!). Yikes. That is a lot and I know more are going to pop up! Will keep you posted!
I've been looking at wedding hair.. The problem is that I have VERY thin hair and it doesn't do much. I've been growing it out to get some length but I'll probably need some extensions or something. Luckily, my sweet high school friend Haley agreed to do my wedding hair!
 Here are my recent pins:


I am so very ready to send the Save the Dates. I have them all addressed and ready, I am just waiting on the rubber stamp to stamp my parents' return address. I simply cannot write that address over 200+ times. Not happening. I addressed all of them myself, that was enough!
Here is what they'll look like but with my parents' address:

Etsy Shop

A lot of you have asked me about my wedding colors. I am keeping the bridesmaids dresses a secret (because I can hehe), but I'll be vague.. The only "color" I have incorporated already are the dresses and flowers. The dress color is like a seafoam green/light blue kind of color and I am having light pink/hot pink flowers- peonies, pink hydrangeas, tulips, maybe some roses. My grandmother loves tulips and I was named after her and her birthday and when she died is in March, so that will be a tribute to her!
I am almost finished with our wedding website, I am just waiting on Tyler to finalize his ushers and best man (formally ask him) and I can put up the wedding party page! If you want to see it now, you can view it at
That's it for today, but next week will be the Save the Dates and Engagement Announcement from our local papers!
Ta ta,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In My Opinion

I saw this post on Whitney's blog last week and decided to link up with Rachel too for her "In My Opinion" post so here goes nothing.
These are my opinions, so play nice will ya?
In no particular order:

1. I'm getting sick of these debates. Neither Romney or Obama impress me at all. Watching the debates is incredibly awkward and disheartening.

2. Recruiting is the hardest industry ever. I'm sure there are teachers and doctors and others saying yeah right, but dang it sometimes this industry makes me pull my hair out!

3. I should be able to wear a sweatshirt and norts to work.

4. Trying to lose weight / get fit for your wedding STINKS.

5. Why can't the mail get there like the next day? Tired of waiting for important packages!

6. Mayonnaise is gross.

7. Revenge is the best show on TV.

8. Booking plane flights home for the holidays is one of the worst things imaginable.

9. Not being able to go home to see all of your friends for Wofford Homecoming sucks.

10. Chocolate should be a food group.

11. It's okay to screen phone calls.

12. Bloggers are shopoholics (am I right or am I right?).

13. Everyone needs a pet.

14. Farmers aren't given enough credit.

15. New friends are the best.

16. There's no place like home.

17. Work days should only be 3 days a week.

18. The South = the best part of the country.

19. LinkedIn "Who's Viewed Your Profile" is creepy.

20. Today should be Friday.

That's it. My opinions and my vent sesh!
Ta ta,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bootie Bootie Bootie Bootie

...rockin' errrr whereeee..

I crack myself up sometimes.

I really want a pair of booties. I really do. But I don't know how to wear them!

I keep contemplating buying a pair every time I go to the Old Navy outlet. Someone just needs to encourage me to buy a (cheap) pair and get over it.


If I get a pair, these are the 4 I have narrowed it down to!

Banana Republic ($140) // Aldo ($100) // Wallis ($78) //  Old Navy ($35)
What do you think??

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homemade Corn Wreath!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture on Facebook of my newest craft. Last year I made a cotton wreath to take with me when I moved out here. I actually made about 5 and gave them to my family members! I wanted to make something this year that would be a tribute to my time in Illinois.

My inital idea for the corn wreath completely changed once I realized how hard it would be to make the ears of corn perfectly aligned with one another. Somehow, I had the idea to make the wreath out of the husks instead. I'm so glad I did! It turned out really great!

I used the straw wreath instead of the wire wreath.

 Lots of hot glue was involved per every wreath project.

I needed a way to incorporate the corn itself, so I decided to cut an L out of cardboard and hot glue the corn kernals to the cardboard. Yay for my future new last name!

Finished Product:

I'm going to keep it hung inside because with this wind it will certainly fall apart.

Now I have both my cotton wreath and my corn wreath... two very important symbols in my life! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Halloween Prep!

So Halloween is on a Wednesday this year...

I figured when I put an outfit together for Friday Fancies I wanted something that could transition from work to a Halloween party later that night.

Below is what I concocted! The tights might be a little much for everyday work wear, but certainly you could get away with it on Halloween! And the hat can be a joke when you get to the office, but then easy to throw on later that night!
I would wear this outfit, would you?



dress // tights // heels // handbag // necklace // hat

Now I just need to find a fun orange dress to wear for Halloween!
What are you going to do? Any fun plans??
Link up with {av} for weekly Friday's Fancies!
Ta ta,


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Must See Etsy Shop: Cami's Paperie

Remember how I told you that Cami designed my Will You Be My Bridesmaid? cards?!
Well, I realized earlier this week that I am going to need some new stationary, and of course have my new monogram on it! I immediately went to Cami's Etsy shop because she does great work and she does it super fast!
Here are the proofs she sent me SO quickly yesterday that I want to share with you!

Better than your average "Thank You" notes!!
I'm kind of obsessed with this one!!

Here are some of my favorite things in her shop!

Personalized Stationary
Thank You cards
Bridal Shower Mad Libs
Personalized Stationary
Personalized Stationary
Will You Be My Bridesmaid

So go head over to her Etsy Shop and get some new stationary!! (and tell her I sent you!)
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Registry

One of the things I actually have enjoyed about wedding planning is registering. I know that sounds super bratty, but I am looking at it as the way we are going to decorate and live in our new home together! My mom and I registered over Labor Day when I was home for a few days, but everything else we did online.
It was so easy online. I could read reviews right in front of me! There still are a few things that I need to choose.. Like fine china and everyday silver (I want my mom's pattern but I'm afraid its discontinued).
I have been writing down things we will need since we have collected all types of appliances and dishes, but NOTHING we have matches and honestly is either from Wal-Mart or Dollar General. I am ready for some REAL things because I want to entertain!
Tyler's three requests were: nice knives, a good coffee maker, and a good cast iron skillet.
Ha, that is all he really wants.... Anddddd below is what I am so excited about unwrapping in the near future!


Some of my Registry Essentials:

My mom has this Fairfax silver that I have adored all of my life. I am very into family things and I really want to keep some of my kitchen and fine items very similar to my mom and grandmothers!
What girl doesn't want a Kitchen Aid Mixer? Seriously! I have my little Sunbeam one that works just fine, but I figured why not add this item to my list, maybe someone is crazy enough to buy it! 
There are lots of serving trays and entertaining pieces on our registry because I want to entertain! My mom and grandmother (and aunts, etc) are known for hosting parties, so I want to be well-equipped for company!
I'm really excited about getting a Food Processor! I know it will make life easier, especially when I am making my homemade hummus!
One thing I can't wait for is a cookware set. Tyler and I have a few things that are mix and match, but I would really like to get something that is matching!
One of Ty's requests when registering was to ask for a nice coffee maker. His is a piece and for some reason the  coffee grinds ALWAYS get in the coffee. Hopefully I've done my research and this will be a good one. I love my roommate's coffee maker and I am so sad to see it go!
I didn't want to register for any glasses other than Tervis Tumblers! My parents have been using them for years. I have a lot now with silly, girly things.. So I am excited to get some with Tyler's initials (TCL) that are more masculine!
I guess I will need items with my NEW monogram, too! I have a similar Monogrammed Acrylic Tray with my cPk, but guess I want (need) one with cLp!
My Dollar General measuring cups are disgusting and fading. I think these All-Clad Stainless-Steel Measuring Cups Spoons will do the trick!
I haven't 100% decided on a bedspread yet, but these  monogrammed towels will definitely match whatever our bedding and master bathroom look like!
Last but not least, we decided on Fiesta Ware for our everyday china. Still picking out my fine china, but I think this is colorful and just what we need for everyday. I have plain white now, so a splash of color is what I need!

If you are super bored and want to look at our full registries, you can see them here at Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Belk, Amazon, and Pottery Barn!
These are some of my favorite items. What is your most loved registry item? What MUST I have when I get married???