Thursday, October 11, 2012

15 Money Saving Tips!

I don't know who I am anymore. The old Charlotte hated shopping. This Charlotte as of lately has an addiction.

Lucikly, I have figured out some ways to cut a couple of dollas. I am NO expert, but I do love a good deal and a sale! I wish I was a couponer... Some day.. Right now I don't have the patience for it!

Let me teach you some of my little secrets.

1. Shop the outlets

I am so so lucky to have an outlet mall in my town here. I mainly go to Gap and Old Navy, and now J Crew since it is open! A lot of these places (esp J Crew) offer discounts if you have your student ID. Hello, still have mine, still use it, not a student. SHHHH. It works.. 15%! And I usually shop the sale and get more of a discount.

So happy this opened!
2. Pay $1, get 25%

 At Old Navy on Saturday, I paid $1 to go to breast cancer research in order to get 25% off of one item. With that, on top of 40% the entire outlet, I saved over $20!

3. Shop final sales

I know we all hate the million coupons that arrive in our inbox, but every now and then there are some good final sales!!

4. Groupon & Plum District & Living Social deals

Sign up for Groupon near you HERE, Living Social near you HERE, and  Plum District HERE. I bought a Groupon for a paint & pour for one of my friends for her birthday, I follow Living Social for getaway trips, and Megan introduced me to Plum District where she got a Erin Condren gift card for less!

5. One Kings Lane

This site has adorable home things and my bff Rebecca made the mistake of inviting me to join. Haven't bought anything yet BUT I know its only a matter of time when I figure out what Tyler and I want our first home to look like! You can find them HERE.


6. GroopDealz

I have no idea how I found this awesome site, but I have bought a ton from it! My mini bauble necklace was $9 and I bought 2 infinity scarves for like $18 total. That's a deal. I have gotten my coworker addicted and we squeal when we see a GroopDealz email pop up in our inbox!

7. RueLaLa

Again, haven't bought anything, but I'm sure you all have either bought something or seen it. I always want to buy something Lilly, but its usually out of my size! Get RueLaLa emails straight to your email!

8. Ebay.

I know its sooooo 2000, but I have found a few adorable things and Ebay offers the "Buy it Now" option! In a tough economy, people are selling things online!

9. Ebates
I have a friend who is always talking about how much money she saves on this website! I think you have to shop at certain stores online and you get coupons and maybe money back from it? Check it out!
10. Craiglist
Sketchy? Sometimes. Watch out for scams... But Tyler loves him some Craigslist! We have tried to sell a few things on there and we've bought things like a folding table for the garage. Craigslist is a great place to find old things that are still in good shape!
11. Shop Consignment Stores
My friend Virginia got me addicted. Every time I am in Champaign, I stop by my fav consignment store. Here, I have bought Tory Burch flats for $45, Tory Burch sandals for $30, the J Crew dress I wore last weekend for $40, and tons of other designer (and not designer clothes). Sometimes things still have tags on them!

Consignment find for next spring!
12. Sell on Amazon
So you can make money while you are spending your money! I recently started selling textbooks on Amazon. I know that does the same thing! It is annoying at some points, but I tell myself they are depositing $$ straight into my account when a book sells!
13. Shop stores with free shipping & free returns!
For example.. I splurged on a pair of flats late this summer at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They were $89 on sale. I bought them in a size 9.5 and they were a little snug. So I sent them back (free returns!) to get a 10. They were HUGE! I really wanted the shoes, so I got the 9.5 and realized they would stretch. So I will gladly pay $89 for on-sale designer flats that I went through 3 pairs of shoes for!
14. Sams & Costco
Did you know they have "designer" stuff? Yes they do. I have a pair of Steve Madden sandals and saw a pair of Kenneth Cole flats last week! All for about $20. Helloooo that is awesome. I know at Sams you pay $40 per year for the simple membership and by golly we save money on everything there! I also just bought some new yoga pants there last week!

15. Be smart!

I am an impulse buyer... I think I "need" something, but I really don't! I just want it. We live in such a "here and now" world.. I'm here at this store now and I don't want them to run out of my size for this $300 sweater, so I should get it now... Well, why don't you wait until it goes on sale and get it... Yes, the may not have your size, but if you have a good tailor who can do it cheaply, you still are saving some money!

So there you have it... My little tips on how I *try* to save money, especially shopping online! What did I miss? What sites should I know about? What are your tips?

Ta ta,



Shannon Vaughn said...

Love all of these! The Sam's here in Charleston had a Longchamp shopper tote for right under $100 last time I was there. What a steal!

Megan said...

I heard there are great consignment stores in Champaign! Im going to have to check them out! & I am a firm believer of craigslist! If it wasnt for that site I wouldnt have my sweet precious baby boy!

Turtles and Pearls said...

These are great tips. I used to hate consignment, but now I shop at different stops a ton. I always look on Ebay and use Ebates!

Anonymous said...

It's these kind of post that feed my shopaholic self.

Come on through The Purple Front Door! said...

What is the name of your consignment store hot spot in Champaign, if you're willing to give up the name? ;)

Kristin said...

great tips girl!

Jill Thrasher said...


I developed quite a shopping addiction while I was working at Anthropologie which has turned into an online shopping addiction now that I'm in law school.

Before I buy anything online, I always look for coupon codes for the website I'm buying from. They're posted on websites like and They don't always work, but they're always worth a try!

I also have started to coupon a bit. Not extreme by any means, but I look for printable coupons online before I go to the grocery store for products I already know I'm going to buy.

Miss you!

Jill Thrasher said...

P.S. I've found some great deals on and as well!