Monday, October 29, 2012


This may be the first post where I "let it all out there." It's my blog, my place, my creative outlet.

In no way am I looking for a pity party, attention, or even a response, but you know those days where you just need to vent but don't know who to go to?? Yes that would be me today and my blog is the place to go.

Lately I've been really stressed. Overwhelmed. A little homesick.

Work, wedding planning 12 hours away, being so far away from my family and friends, and trying to figure out what the future holds. I'm terrible at secrets, hiding my feelings, and acting like nothing is bothering me. I've been exhausted lately. Taking iron supplements to try to give me some extra energy, drinking more Diet Cokes than normal, and taking an extended vacation from my gym routine.

I think it's just a phase. The weather is changing, work is getting more frustrating, and being this far away from everyone is starting to make me feel more and more left out.

Can't say that Wofford Homecoming in the middle of this yuckiness helped any! Unfortunately, it just wasn't smart for me to take off one more day of work and buy one more plane ticket to go for the weekend. As much as I wanted to, I put it off and missed my chance of going. Luckily,Tyler tried to keep me busy all weekend, and bless his heart he had to deal with my sadness and whining that all of my friends were together! He understands that it is hard to be away. Thank goodness!

He really has stuck through this year with me... I can't believe Thursday marks Year #1 of my time in Illinois. I truly can't believe I made it! More on that later this week :)

So with all of this said, I'm going to apologize in advance for being a grump. I'll try to keep some happy things posted, but sometimes your thoughts and feelings just kind of take over the normal Charlotte!

Thanks for following along if you are still reading this. I truly appreciate all of you who read my blog! Again, I think its the cold weather, and the realization that being an adult isn't always fun. I'm making myself go to the gym tonight to get some energy, and hopefully will start to perk up.

And, I must end this post with the funniest story ever. This WILL make you laugh.

Thursday night Tyler was cooking dinner at my apartment.. Sarge was there and was acting a fool as usual. I heard some water running and at first I thought it was Tyler running the faucet, but then quickly realized Sarge was tinkling ALL over the linoleum floor and carpet! I screamed, "HE'S PEEING!!!!" And as Tyler reached out to grab him and spank him, Ty stepped in the pee, slipped, and busted his tail on the ground... Into the pee. I was absolutely dying. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. Tears were rolling out of my eyes! I couldn't contain myself!! After Sarge was thrown outside to finish relieving himself, Ty came back in and we both fell on the floor laughing! Oh Sarge, always making us laugh!

Thank heavens for animals. Actually, thank heavens for Sarge (and Tyler!)... Love that little guy!

Ok, thats all for now! Promise tomorrow's post will be happier!!


Katie said...

I have been feeling the EXACT same way lately...just kind of in a rut! I have been frustrated with work, wedding planning away from home, etc. I know how you are feeling!! Luckily, we have to think of all the good things...we HAVE jobs, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED, and although we might not get to see our far away friends, they are still there for us! Chin up!

Anonymous said...

Funks are completely normal! I'll be thinking about you, you'll be back to your old self soon! And how funny about Sarge!

Whitney H said...

Bahah!! What a funny story! haha. I totally know what you mean. A good friend of mine is getting married this weekend and all of my friends will be there but I won't. Homecoming is next weekend and I won't be there either. It makes me sad!!

CALLIE said...

I think everyone's in a funk these past few weeks. I know I have been! And I too, feel left out often bc we have been so busy lately. We will get through our little funks in no time :)

Brianna Tucker said...

bahh that is hilarious! being in a rut is normal especially when the weather changes.. winter is depressing!

The Pink Growl said...

We ALL have days like this girl! Wedding planning on top of life other's stresses can make me a mean lady sometimes! Glad you are feeling better today! :) HUGS!