Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Purse Essentials

I love the "Whats In My Purse" posts that people do.. Unfortunately I am too embarassed to show you my messy real purse so this will have to do!

Sometimes I feel like I carry ridiculous things in my purse. It is always SO heavy! Down below are my essentials for my purse. I don't always have everything in there, but most of the time I do. I also don't own this bag, but would absolutely carry it if I won a Kate Spade shopping spree!

In My Bag


This Kate Spade  handbag is to die for! A perfect size for all of my junk!
Senior year, my roommates pitched in to buy me a new Hobo zip wallet because what I had was pathetic.. It was hot pink straight from China (thanks Kensley), but was very worn out. Hobo wallets are SO versatile! I highly recommend them!
Headaches lately have had me wearing my eyeglasses to work. Usually I keep my glasses on my desk, but I've been carrying them back and forth a lot.
My Ray Ban sunglasses are my go-to sunnies! I need to take better care of them though.. They are getting very scratched!
I always keep Ibuprofen,  hand sanitzer, and other medicine in my purse just in case of germs or a headache.
Usually my iPod case is in my purse so I can quickly grab it before going for a run or to the gym. Of course my iPhone is always in my hand, but I throw it in my bag when I am getting in the car or going somewhere.
Another purse staple of mine is my Vera Bradley bags case that holds leaky lipstick, medicine, feminie things... oh and an inhaler just in case!
I am desperately in need of a new camera. Mine has been through a lot. I think I want a really nice one for Christmas (are you reading Mom, Dad & Tyler???) but these Sony cameras are awesome to throw in a case and into your purse if your iPhone isn't your main camera. Mine is lately...
Other important items, especialyl while wedding planning is a pen and a  journal to write down any thoughts, colors, ideas that come to mind. I'm even guilty of sitting in a waiting room or on the examination table jotting down ideas!
 Chapstick and gum are also very important purse staples. Gotta have fresh breath and unchapped lips!
At the bottom of my purse, you can usually find a wad of business cards. Too bad mine aren't this cute!
And no purse is complete without your keys on a  cute key fob!
What are your purse essentials? Do I need to add MORE to mine!? :-)
Ta ta,



Whitney said...

My purse is always heavy too! I would love to get a nice new purse. The one I'm carrying right now is from Forever 21! haha. I always seem to accumulate like dozens of pens in my purse somehow!

Megan said...

My purse is CONSTANTLY a disaster - ahhh. Also, LOVE my hobo. Seriously, sometimes I take it out as a clutch. The best!!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

I am in the same boat with you...my purse/totes have EVERYTHING under the sun. Hope you are having a wonderful week.
Twirling Clare

Kimberlee Lockwood Photography said...

I love the fact that you have a picture of an inhaler as being in your purse. Not only do I carry an inhaler and advil, but also an epipen. Now if you don't really carry an inhaler, then I just seem like a geeked - out asthmatic, allergic freak :)

Stephen said...

Hi Charlotte. Hoping all is well at your end!

I wanted to mention that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award - hope this is OK. Wander on over and collect it if you like.