Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Wedding Wednesday- Hair, Colors, Parties

I don't really have a theme for today, so I'm just going to post some updates and wedding thoughts.
Yesterday marked 5 months until the big day... FIVE.
Oh. My. Gosh!
We have started scheduling parties and showers now that I know what my life is going to look like in the upcoming months... So far I have a Christmas shower (thanks Becca!), Cocktail party (Mom's friends), Sunday dinner (family friends), Engagement party (in PA), Church shower (church ladies), family supper (family friends), and Bachelorette party (YAY!). Yikes. That is a lot and I know more are going to pop up! Will keep you posted!
I've been looking at wedding hair.. The problem is that I have VERY thin hair and it doesn't do much. I've been growing it out to get some length but I'll probably need some extensions or something. Luckily, my sweet high school friend Haley agreed to do my wedding hair!
 Here are my recent pins:


I am so very ready to send the Save the Dates. I have them all addressed and ready, I am just waiting on the rubber stamp to stamp my parents' return address. I simply cannot write that address over 200+ times. Not happening. I addressed all of them myself, that was enough!
Here is what they'll look like but with my parents' address:

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A lot of you have asked me about my wedding colors. I am keeping the bridesmaids dresses a secret (because I can hehe), but I'll be vague.. The only "color" I have incorporated already are the dresses and flowers. The dress color is like a seafoam green/light blue kind of color and I am having light pink/hot pink flowers- peonies, pink hydrangeas, tulips, maybe some roses. My grandmother loves tulips and I was named after her and her birthday and when she died is in March, so that will be a tribute to her!
I am almost finished with our wedding website, I am just waiting on Tyler to finalize his ushers and best man (formally ask him) and I can put up the wedding party page! If you want to see it now, you can view it at
That's it for today, but next week will be the Save the Dates and Engagement Announcement from our local papers!
Ta ta,


Haley said...

such classic hair options. love them all!

CALLIE said...

Your flower and dress colors are going to be so pretty together!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of those hair choices! I have thin hair too...but I have a lot of it if that makes sense. The return address stamps are such a good idea!

Brianna Tucker said...

Such a classic hair choice and I would def recommend it! I wanted my hair down but I was a bridesmaid and wore it like I wanted for my wedding as a trial but I was so hot and the curls fell that I switch to a full updo for the wedding

megan said...

I printed that first updo to bring to my hair trial tomorrow! Can't wait to see your save the dates. :)

Claire said...

I like the first hair option! I tried on my dress with my short hair half up and HATED IT so now I am growing it out as long as poss before June and praying for a legit up-do!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair styles you picked out! I'm sure anything you pick will look beautiful on you! My future SIL was just in a wedding this past Saturday and her hair was a side bun. Instead of one big bun, they were little curls all over it - it was SO pretty!

And that's so exciting that you only have 5 months to go! I'm about 7 1/2 away from our wedding day! Nerves are starting to get to me! Ha! Not about marrying Brian, but about the planning. We have literally nothing official except the ceremony venue and date.