Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Registry

One of the things I actually have enjoyed about wedding planning is registering. I know that sounds super bratty, but I am looking at it as the way we are going to decorate and live in our new home together! My mom and I registered over Labor Day when I was home for a few days, but everything else we did online.
It was so easy online. I could read reviews right in front of me! There still are a few things that I need to choose.. Like fine china and everyday silver (I want my mom's pattern but I'm afraid its discontinued).
I have been writing down things we will need since we have collected all types of appliances and dishes, but NOTHING we have matches and honestly is either from Wal-Mart or Dollar General. I am ready for some REAL things because I want to entertain!
Tyler's three requests were: nice knives, a good coffee maker, and a good cast iron skillet.
Ha, that is all he really wants.... Anddddd below is what I am so excited about unwrapping in the near future!


Some of my Registry Essentials:

My mom has this Fairfax silver that I have adored all of my life. I am very into family things and I really want to keep some of my kitchen and fine items very similar to my mom and grandmothers!
What girl doesn't want a Kitchen Aid Mixer? Seriously! I have my little Sunbeam one that works just fine, but I figured why not add this item to my list, maybe someone is crazy enough to buy it! 
There are lots of serving trays and entertaining pieces on our registry because I want to entertain! My mom and grandmother (and aunts, etc) are known for hosting parties, so I want to be well-equipped for company!
I'm really excited about getting a Food Processor! I know it will make life easier, especially when I am making my homemade hummus!
One thing I can't wait for is a cookware set. Tyler and I have a few things that are mix and match, but I would really like to get something that is matching!
One of Ty's requests when registering was to ask for a nice coffee maker. His is a piece and for some reason the  coffee grinds ALWAYS get in the coffee. Hopefully I've done my research and this will be a good one. I love my roommate's coffee maker and I am so sad to see it go!
I didn't want to register for any glasses other than Tervis Tumblers! My parents have been using them for years. I have a lot now with silly, girly things.. So I am excited to get some with Tyler's initials (TCL) that are more masculine!
I guess I will need items with my NEW monogram, too! I have a similar Monogrammed Acrylic Tray with my cPk, but guess I want (need) one with cLp!
My Dollar General measuring cups are disgusting and fading. I think these All-Clad Stainless-Steel Measuring Cups Spoons will do the trick!
I haven't 100% decided on a bedspread yet, but these  monogrammed towels will definitely match whatever our bedding and master bathroom look like!
Last but not least, we decided on Fiesta Ware for our everyday china. Still picking out my fine china, but I think this is colorful and just what we need for everyday. I have plain white now, so a splash of color is what I need!

If you are super bored and want to look at our full registries, you can see them here at Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Belk, Amazon, and Pottery Barn!
These are some of my favorite items. What is your most loved registry item? What MUST I have when I get married???



Jamie Purfeerst said...

We did FiestaWare too and I am so happy with it. I went with orange, cream & turquoise. It holds up super well & I use it for EVERYTHING.

Other wedding gift faves include my sandwich maker from Macy's. Seriously love it. Add it to your list. Plus, it's pretty reasonable, so it's a nice gift for a shower.

Whitney said...

Wal-mart and Dollar General? A girl after my own heart! haha.

We were the same way before we got married. I love my food processor so much! I need to discover this FiestaWare stuff... I really wish I had registered for Tervis Tumblers!

The Pink Growl said...

We haven't registered yet, but I've been telling Skye we need to go soon since we are about at the 6 month out mark from the big day. I can't wait!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I actually got 3 kitchen aids for our wedding (and was able to return two then get a coffee able from macys, win!). I love all the big serving platters and entertaining items I got. We dont use them all the time, but when we need them, it is nice that I have it!

Kristin said...

bb&b is so easy to work with too. fun times