Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's That Time of Year....

Hunting Season.

WARNING: If you are not a hunter or appreciate hunting or get grossed out-- stop reading!!! (I say this with a giggle and smiley faces!)

I loathe/love this season all at the same time. For some reason, every boyfriend I have ever had was a huge hunter... Tyler may take the cake. This boy LOVES some freaking hunting and will go after anything that can be killed. First it was dove season and he and Sarge were always in the front yard going after doves, and now it is deer season. Soon it will be duck season. Lord help me.

Sorry if you aren't in the hunting loop, you don't have to read the rest of this post if you don't want to! It is kind of gruesome.

Illinois is very different than South Carolina when it comes to hunting season. Deer are EVERYWHERE at home, and few and far between here in praireland because there are few trees in central Illniois. They truly track their deer and hunters have a limit to how many they can kill. Tyler is so excited because the house he is renting is on 40 acres.... most is woods... He is thrilled. I'm.. not really thrilled, but thats part of a relationship right, compromise? I shop, he hunts.

This past weekend was youth hunt weekend. Our friend John's son, Cole, is 13 and has been so excited for this weekend. His parents have him decked out in camo and he is asking for a new gun for Christmas. Saturday Tyler and Cole went hunting but came back freezing and empty handed. Yesterday, they went into the woods at about 3pm and 5 minutes later they were back... Cole got his first deer! He came running into the house while I was working on the wedding guest list to tell me about Cole's kill!

We threw on our safety orange and tracked into the woods to find it! They were both so so so so excited! It was adorable (I mean manly...)!

Heading into the woods to track the blood

We (actually I spotted it) found it!

Celebratory man hug

Yeah Cole!!

Time to clean.. yuck

You know I love this dog.

We went easy on the blood... when I shot my deer I got more blood on my own face...
So do you think I'm a redneck now???
Ta ta,


Amy G. said...

My dad and brothers are BIG hunters! They just love it. The hubs wants to go out with them but just hasn't. The hubs was actually on the national shotgun shooting team so he's not a bad shot :) Looks like y'all had fuN!

Lauren said...

I'm married to one too - although he doesn't deer hunt, just hunts every flying creature there is - quail, dove, turkey (do they fly?), duck....and yes, it's a love/hate relationship for me. While on one hand it is not a CHEAP hobby (can i get a what-what?) and it is very time consuming, it does make the boys SO very happy...

Kentucky Belle said...

I have the same loathe/love with this season! I love that my boyfriend is going out and doing something he loves but I loathe that I don't get to talk to him when he is gone hunting. He seriously disappears for days to go hunting! He will come in long enough to sleep and go to class and then its right back to the woods. But as you said compromise! I also shop while he hunts, because according to him I'm a hunting distraction and can't go with him, haha.

Claire said...

This post makes me LONG to head to our farm and throw on my blaze orange!!!!! All your men are hunters and all of mine have been Army- oh trends!