Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Weeks!

...until my birthday!

24 is coming soon. This is the first year I haven't been excited because I have so much other things going on in my life like wedding planning, work, planning for the holidays... and SO much more ;)

Usually I compile a huge list of 100 things I really want and need (duh) but with the wedding and so much else going on, I guess I'll make a short and sweet list!
Tyler already bought my early birthday present (on sale of course) when we were in Rhode Island

Hello, beautiful. Good thing you are a summer style so I have to WAIT to use you! Thanks, Ty! You really spoil me!
I did jokingly pull both my dad and Tyler in the story to see if they could both cough up the money for this beauty, but both rolled their eyes and laughed at me for even thinking I would ever get this as a gift!
Hello Maisey Crossbody. I love you, I really do. But you are way to pricy for this girl!

Here are the other things I am realistically asking for:
Clarisonic Mia:
My face has gotten pretty terrible lately. I will the first to admit that I don't wash it like I should, so if I had one of these little gadgets, I'm pretty sure I would actually use it! Hey mom, you can buy one here.
Art for our house:
Well, not sure what "our house" means yet, but I can start collecting pretty art to hang on the walls that isn't duck, deer, or pheasant related, right??
 I'll take any of these :)
Silver Watch:
I love my gold watch, but I think its time to invest in silver too. I like the large face so I can actually tell the time! And I really like the date on the watch I have now!
I would take a square face as well.
Andddddd thats it. I think the rest of my presents from here to eternity will be revolved around my wedding!
Anything else I should add? I'm sure my list will grow after I publish this post, haha!
Have a great Thursday!
Ta ta,


So Simply Chic said...

What great gift ideas! I love the silver watch! I have a gold one too and I am always wishing I had a silver :)


Whitney said...

I love that watch! So cute. I really need one!

Brianna Tucker said...

OH weddings will take over all your holiday gifts but its so fun and worth it :)

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love both of those Tory bags..the one Tyler got you is too cute!! And I love my Clarisonic. It makes my skin feel super clean. Happy early birthday!

Claire said...

I will take any one of those beautiful SC pieces of art!!!! And what a great idea to ask for the Clarisonic as a gift! I really want one but cannot justify it!