Monday, October 8, 2012

My Roomie Got Married!

It is certainly wedding season! This weekend we got to celebrate my roommate, Audrey, and her new husband Elliot.
While Aud and I have been living together, Elliot has been off on the East Coast (jealous), in training the marine corps. I am so proud of his decision and super excited he is now home to be with Audrey and for Tyler to have his buddy back! They work together and Tyler lived in his house while he was away. It really is an interesting but confusing situation!
But now... they are married!

Doesn't he look so handsome in his dress blues!?

We're getting to be good wedding crashers!

I love their engagement pictures!

Head table

Our table, of course raising hell

Cutting the cake with his sword!

The cake was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

I love this. So thankful for his service!

Oh just my other roomie and my friend Brittany supplying our table with booze

Ty's best friend Scott and his adorable son! I love Hunter!

Seriously the cutest ring bearer ever!

Also love this cutie pie! He had so so so much fun dancing!

Candy table

Elliot's dad + Tyler's best buddy out here. He's been like a father to both of us too!

Couple toast

Garter toss.. Hi Tyler in the background with his arms up!

Sweet Sabra. I'm learning sign language to sign with her!

Teaching Hunter the Cupid Shuffle


It was a perfect wedding and really was so Audrey and Elliot. So glad I got to be a part of their special day and very thankful for their friendship!

Ta ta,


Raquel said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! The bride is gorgeous!

Whitney said...

Wow! That wedding looks gorgeous! You should totally be on Four Weddings. I went to four weddings, including my own, last year and I totally felt like I was on the show! haha. I love your friend's wedding dress!

Claire said...

Gorgeous! Y'all seem like a fun bunch to attend a wedding with! Count me in on the next one ;) also love the idea of donating to Wounded Warrior as part of it- we have toyed with that very idea