Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Signature Drinks

I'm not going to lie. Our wedding is going to be pretty darn big. I don't know how it happened. We started by making our guest list in sections: my friends, Ty's friends, my family, Ty's family, mom's work, dad's work, high school people, community friends, church friends, grandparents requests, etc etc. It is ridiculous.
Anyways, I do believe we are going to have to squeeze our bar menu down to just beer and wine and a signature drink. A full bar is too pricey PLUS people are silly at weddings and drink too much and we do not want to be held responsible.
Some of the weddings I've been to lately have either had a Bride's Drink and a Groom's Drink or just one fancy cocktail for guests who maybe aren't wine or beer drinkers.

Mint Lemonade
Dark & Stormy
Salty Dog & High Ball
These are some of my favorites that I have seen! Cam and Lis had dark & stormys at their wedding and they were delicious. Tyler isn't a hard liquor drinker and I'm not really either, but there is something fun about a sassy drink with a fun straw, right!?!
Ok, so this is where I need your help!
- What do you drink when you go to a wedding?
- Do you remember how many drinks you actually drink while you are there?
-What kind of signature drink would you recommend?
Any and all suggestions open and welcome!
I've been browsing and of course Pinterest ideas but I want to hear what you think!!
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The Pink Growl said...

I think I have decided against doing a signature drink, but I love the idea! How many are on your guest list?

Haley said...

cute! this is so fun.. i can't wait to hear about y'all decide on!

Anonymous said...

We did spiked Arnold Palmers for our signature drink...and our reception was at a golf course so they went together nicely :) Where is your reception? Do you have a theme for your wedding? I'd maybe choose your drink based on that.

I had one drink and a few sips of champagne at our wedding but the rest of our friends definitely participated in the open bar. I think you're fine doing just beer, wine and a signature drink. I don't know anyone that doesn't like either beer or wine!

Brianna Tucker said...

We did beer, wine and two signature drinks.. a his and hers. Our wedding was all southern vintage themed so I did sweet tea vodka and lemoneade and andrew did the classic rum and coke. It was so cute we made custom stirs.

We made decided to just serve them at the cocktail hour and then the wedding was just beer and liquor

Ashley said...

I think you're on the right path with the signature drink! I don't drink wine or beer and just find it frustrating and kind of left out when I'm the only one without a drink in my hand.

I think that signature drinks that are fun and represent your personality are the best! Maybe a drink from a trip that you went on, or take a few nights and experiment with a few of your own creations (one of my friends did that and she said she had so much fun creating the drink with her fiance)!

Claire said...

We are doing THE SAME THING! It's so true- people just go overboard with a full bar! Beer and wine it is! I haven't even begun to think about our drink! Let me know if you come across something fabulous!

Whitney said...

I definitely think a signature drink is a great idea! I don't like beer or wine so I hate being stuck with those. I love to have the drink match the colors of the wedding! I've never been to a wedding where they have served anything other than beer or wine, so I can't really tell you how much I would drink since I have never done it! (I'm not a big drinker, so I'm the worst person to ask! lol)

Kristin said...

we had a strawberry vodka drink as our specialty

zerry ht said...

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