Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Once we got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids. Since I live so far away from all of them, I wanted to do something different.

I searched and searched and searched, and finally came up with the perfect idea thanks to a combination of Pinterest and Etsy.

I am having 8 bridesmaids and a matron of honor. They are all my best friends and girls that I wouldn't feel right standing up at the alter without.

I first made paper dolls for each of my bridesmaids. I had to be creative since I had so many and the scrapbook paper really only accommodated four. After a few weeks of visiting Hobby Lobby, cutting, gluing, and making cute little faces, my dolls were finished!

I also wanted adorable cards to go with the dolls. Again, I searched and searched and searched, then found Cami's Paperie. Let me tell you, she was so incredibly wonderful to work with! I told her what I wanted, and she quickly adjusted the proof. I feel like sometimes it takes shop owners forever to work on your order, but not Cami! She was awesome. I will be working again with her in the future! I promise you, you won't be disappointed if you ask her to design something for you!!

So without all of the boringly long details and how-to (unless you really want it), here is my short version of making the paper dolls.

  making the accordion style dolls

 making 4 at a time

  8 of the 9


adding the hair

lots of dolls

 gluing them together

failure. these turned out terribly! gave up and went with plain black bands

 pearls around the matron of honor

finished product!

exciting envelopes!

I mailed them last Friday and finally had the last girl respond a week later! The suspense was KILLING me, but everyone said YES! So excited to have 9 of the closest women in my life stand beside me on the most important day of my life!

I will wait for another post to introduce all of the girls. Now if only I can get Tyler to ask all of his guys!

Did you ask your bridesmaids in a special way?

Ta ta,


Anonymous said...

This is adorable - what a cute way to ask your girls! You definitely put a lot of time and thought into this!

Brianna Tucker said...

This is so adorable. I gave them all a bottle of wine with a little note! I think its important to honor them for standing by your side!

Raquel said...

What a cute idea! I love it!

Shannon Vaughn said...

You are too stinking cute! I also sent cards, but my crafting skills are not nearly as wonderful as yours!

megan said...

So cute! I actually asked mine the same way! :) I like your cards better than mine though. haha

Amy G. said...

Since I was able to see all of my girls {except one who lived in Norway}, I put together little baskets for them with ring pops, mini wine, a few other goodies and made a cake that said will you be my bridesmaids! Well the cake was for 5 of the 8. The other 3 I made little cards for!

Whitney H said...

I wish I had done something like this! Pretty sure I asked all of mine in casual conversation or over Facebook, haha. SO lame :(

Lacey in the City said...

That is so cute- I love it! So labor intensive!!

When my sister got engaged, she casually asked me to be her maid of honor and I told her, "No! Albert (my brother in law) had to get on one knee with a diamond to ask you to stand up there with him. You've gotta ask me in a special way too!" I could only say that bc she is my sister and my best friend, obviously :) So a month later, I got a fedex package to my apartment in NY with a framed picture of my sister and me dancing at another wedding a few months prior, and to the side of the photo, it said "Lacey, we look so cute together at weddings. Will you stand next to me at mine? Be my maid of honor?" Awwww. How could I say no to that? ;)

Claire said...

Well this is just adorable!!!!!!

The Preppy Student said...

awwww! I love how you asked them. This is so special and sincere and I love your printed cards! Have a happy Thursday and be sure to enter to win sponsorship on my blog! .

Jack Rogers and a Vodka Water said...

LOVE the cut out dolls holding hands and those cards are too damn cute!!