Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Wedding Thoughts

My brain just cannot focus this week. I don't know if it was from missing two days of work or what, but man! I just am having a hard time concentrating.

I missed wedding Wednesday, so I'm just going to move it to Thursday!

Wedding Update:

Bridesmaid Dresses
Wedding Party (will ask very soon)
Bakery for Cake (getting there)
Engagement Photos
Save the Dates
Guest List (slowly but surely)
Names and Addresses

So, above is most of the big stuff! Checking things off!

Wedding Inspiration:


cotton + hydrangea arrangement
cotton + flower bouquet

cotton field bridal session
engagement pictures
That's all for now, but the last thought I'll leave with you is this...

What is another idea other than sparklers to do as the reception exit? Thinking outside of the box, here! Bird seed? Bubbles? Rice? Pom poms? Ideas?????????

Ta ta,


Whitney H said...

I love bubbles! They make for such a cute exit, but not so much at night. They're a little hard to see then! When's your date? Where are you doing it? Tell me everything!!!1

Shannon Vaughn said...

White flower petals! Even in the dark you will see them falling down over the two of you as you exit... could make for very pretty pictures. We are doing sparkers mostly well because I love anything that sparkles!

Stephen said...

Don't make yourself crazy! Remember, all you really need is you, your man, and a priest.

The rest is so much pettifogging detail!!!

But can I suggest you practice "the kiss". There's a LOT of people who'll be watching, and you absolutely. have. to. nail. it.!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! You could do lanterns! ;)xoxo Becca

Anonymous said...

whos youre wedding photographer? :) you guys are going to look great! xoxo

Laura said...

absolutely love the sunflower bouquet. so gorgeous! as for reception exit- i vote confetti!!!

found your blog through FF- love it! i'm from the midwest and was transplanted in the south for a while- so i totally get what it's like to move across the country!!