Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy!

Ok, so maybe my blogging hiatus was like... a day...

BUT, I really like this linkup with Kristen and Raven, so I am jumping on the bandwagon!
All In My Twenties

Since we got engaged, I have been working my tail off to get in shape. I mean, I really have. I contemplated joined Weight Watchers but realized I don't eat a lot of the things they have recipes for, and I think I have been doing OK by myself, so I am just doing it on my own for now.

Here is what I have been doing:

Going to the gym/running outside every morning before work: At first, I hated it. I usually crawl out of bed at the very last minute. I've been wearing my workout clothes to sleep, including my sports bra, so all I have to do is grab my iPod, keys, water, and brsuh my teeth (oh and of course put on shoes and socks). I've been alternating 2-3 miles on the elliptical and running/walking outside. Tuesdays I go to a weight class which kicks my butt! I am SO sore every day afterwards, but then I know its working.

Eating a hearty breakfast: Lately, I've been making smoothies. I found a good website with lots of different recipes. I freeze the fruit and pull out what I want for each day. So easy and fast. You can find some of my smoothies HERE.

Lunch: I always eat a Lean Cuisine or some other frozen lunch because they are so easy! I am the only one in my office who lives too far from work to go home at lunch, so I pop one in the microwave and add a piece of fruit or granola bar.

I try to munch on healthy things: Fruit, granola, 100 calorie packs, yogurt, apple sauce, sugar free pudding, rice cakes, things like that! I do SPLURGE every now and then and go for something like a cookie. I also love ice cream, but try to limit myself to a spoonful after dinner, except last night I ate about half a gallon. Whoops, ya know a girl's a girl. It happens sometimes.

Ride my bike at night: When its cool at night, I just cruise around on my new (well old) bike and track my distance!

Since we've been engaged, I've lost 5 pounds. Hopefully a few more since the last time I weighed myself, but after Tyler moved his scale has been MIA. I do feel all of my pants fitting a lot more loosely, which I would prefer over weight loss!

What tricks do you have to lose weight/stay healthy/eat better? Any good exercises you do??

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Megan said...

You go girlfriend!! So proud of you :). You can do weight watchers without following their recipes - I have been doing it on and off for years (and for free hehe) so if you want more info let me know!!

Shannon Vaughn said...

Look at you!! I am definitely inspired to get on the bandwagon now. I just realized that my wedding is only 8 months away, and that seems really soon all of a sudden. You'll be proud I started addressing Save the Dates last night... I did a whoping 25!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Sounds like youre doing great lady!! I am using WW to lose the weight and its really easy to apply to your regular eating habits. you just learn how to count the points! So if you reach a point where you want to try it you should!!

Best of luck to you! Thanks for linking up! I look forward to reading your updates!!


Amanda said...

Pre wedding stress will help a few of those pounds to come off. Remember though it is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Good luck on your journey! Looking forward to following you in the link up.

Amanda @ Cut the Crap