Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To: Around the World Party

I just went back through all of my really old posts and realized I have never blogged about the "Around the World Party" we had my senior year in college.
Wofford is a different kind of school as we all live on campus. Senior year you live in the nice apartments. About 9 different groups of apartments decided that we wanted to do something fun on a Friday night before going out... I will explain mainly in pictures. The best part was.. WE WALKED EVERYWHERE!
Each apartment (4 girls in each apt) decide on a country. You serve a drink and an appetizer for like 20+ people when you make your way around the world.


walking from apartment to apartment

 Around the World Party:
My apartment was Spain
My roommate Leah studied abroad in Spain...
I gave the obligatory toast
 Drink: Sangria
Food: Olives, Cheese, Bread
One of these girls went scuba diving in the Bahamas....
Drink: Bahama Mamas

Food: Fruit
One of the girls in this apartment studied abroad in France
 Drink: Wine
Food: Brie
Two of these girls studied abroad in Rome & Milan
 Drink: Wine
 Food: Bruschetta
Some body's gotta be patriotic!
Drink: PBR and Bud Light
Food: Hm, don't remember but a very American dip!
You can't have a country without Mexico..
Drink: Margarita, duh and Corona
Food: Chips, dip, and queso
Jamaica is fun... no relation here
Drink: Red Stripe
Food: No food, Jamaicans are starving.. hahaha
A girl in our pledge class was from Russia originally so this was a tribute to her
Drink: White Russians

Food: Eek. don't remember
And there you have it.. an Around the World party!
It is SOO fun! I highly recommend this for a fun fun night (but not so much fun next day!)
Ta ta,


Brianna Tucker said...

My freshman year our bid party was around the world. We were seperated into countries with older sisters and guys from the frat throwing the party and it was a blast!
It was a drinking game for us though

Raquel said...

That looks so fun!

ryann said...

I am so excited to host one with all my friends- I cannot believe I am in your apartment you were senior year! :)

CALLIE said...

What a great, great idea! So much fun

Molly McCrory said...

Ah, this takes me back! America served Sausage Dip... so appropriate ;-) So happy for you at this time!