Monday, August 13, 2012

A Story About God's Timing

Hello there!

I have a very sweet story that I heard at church yesterday that I MUST share.


Our worship ministerat our church is young and so awesome. I really like him and he is one of the reasons I keep going back to this church. He is an awesome singer, musician, and man of God!

Last week was both his and his wife's birthday. She usually likes to pamper herself - massages, mani/pedi, go get coffee, etc. On Thursday, Adam (her hubby) picked her up from work and asked what she wanted to do. She said she had a few things in mind and suggested they go to Starbucks. This was very normal until what happened next.

They get their coffee, then sit outside at the beginning on the drive-thru
Lindsey whipped out a wad of $5 bills and handed one to EVERY person going through the drive- thru to help pay for their coffee. Adam was so humbled at this gesture.. On HER birthday, his wife was handing out $5 to people.

Then they went to Target. They bought a bunch of gift cards and walked around the store, looking for people to hand out the cards to. Adam suggested one couple and Lindsey said, no not yet. They got in a tiff over this and went out to the car to work things out. They both cried and prayed about their arguement and realized that this was the devil trying to get in both of their heads while trying to do God's work. They got it together, then went back inside.

In the children's shoe department, there was a family. Lindsey pointed at them and said "them." They walked up to the family and started talking to them, explaining it was Lindsey's birthday and that she wanted to do something for others.   The mother turned around and was partially blind and deaf, something they didn't realize before picking this family.

The father's jaw dropped to the ground and was in shock when they offered the gift cards. He showed Adam and Lindsey a pair of shoes he was getting for his little boy. He said, "I was going to get these shoes, but the strap is broken and I could have afforded this pair. I could get him this other pair for $23, but I can't afford them right now." They handed them $20 in gift cards to pay for the shoes.

I literally started crying at this story, especially when Adam was talking about God's perfect timing. If not for their fight and prayers, they would not have found this family and this perfect time.

What a blessing a few $5 bills and gift cards are.

I was inspired.

Have you done anything like this? Ever bought someone's meal in a drive-thru? Ever had someone buy yours?

This shows that we are so blessed, and take so much for granted. I need to remember God's perfect timing.

Have a great day!

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Claire said...

Wow! I love this story! Never in my life would I have thought to do that on my own birthday! They sound like quite the couple!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow can i say i got chills reading the story? what a great way to spread God's love and to be so selfless on her birthday, she has an on fire heart for God