Friday, August 24, 2012

So We Took Engagement Pictures....

Last night we took engagement pictures! I had NO idea what to expect. I hadn't even spoken to the photographer on the phone... just via email! Luckily, he was great and was very accomodating to my 1000 emails. My coworker had worked with him at her last job and I am so glad she recommended him!
I realized yesterday that there needs to be an Engagement Pic FYI post because I wish I would have done my research beforehand! I am not an expert, but I did learn a few things I must share!
Here are my tips for preparing for an engagement picture session:
 Coordinate with your photographer-  know exactly where you are going and when!
Visit the site before hand. I am SOO happy I did this a few weeks ago! I had never been to the college where we took the pics or the lake and I honestly got lost driving to the lake when I went, so it helped me prepare.

Lake Paradise
 So glad I had an idea of where we'd be located at Lake Land College!
I know this statue looks weird, but he did the coolest poses in the sunset!
Seriously coordinate your outfits with your man. We almost had a problem here-- I was planning to wear a printed shirt with Tyler's plaid shirt, BUT we got it under control in time.
 Wear pants or shorts.. Not a skirt or dress. I had a big issue with this. My dress wasn't quite long enough for some of the poses. Ya know, sitting on the ground is kind of awkward in a skirt. Also, doing pictures where he is dipping you shows too much leg! Awk.
Wear flats. The wedges I had on were terribly painful when trying to cross my ankles when kneeling or what not. The 2nd outfit where I had on my flats were SO much easier! Personal preference, BUT you'll thank me later.
Don't take them when its 100 degrees! Ok, so it wasn't really 100, but it felt like it! At first I was OK, but then BOOM it got really warm at 6:30 pm and my hair got totally gross. Hope he can photoshop the sweat off of my face.
Be flexible. Just go with the flow. They are YOUR pictures, BUT the photographer is the professional. I felt weird about a few pictures, but when he showed me them on the camera, I completely understand why he did what he did!
Take a monetary tip. Every wedding book I've read says to tip pretty much everyone for wedding stuff. Thank GOODNESS Tyler had some cash on him, to give the photograher some extra moola, especially since he went over 45 minutes than what I paid for. He was SHOCKED and it is always nice to do something for someone else!
 Props are fun! My coworker and I made a banner and I also made a prop for Sarge. It was much more fun than boring pictures of us in different poses.

Take your dog if you have one! I mean lets be honest.. Sarge is our child.

At  first it is very awkward. I couldn't stop with the awkward giggles for the first 30 minutes. I mean, I am NOT used to so much PDA with Tyler. Eek. But I had to get over it.

You fall in love with your fiance even more! I know, so mushy for me, but its so true. Ty and I have been so wrapped up in so much lately that we have kind of forgetten the whole reason to get married! We giggled the whole way home about how sweet it was to be with each other!!

Have fun! These pictures are forever!

Where did you take your engagement pictures? Any horror stories? Any funny stories?

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Megan said...

I cant wait to see them! Lakeland is such a nice campus! I almost went there for a year! Haha! So excited. So excited! & can i just point out I live 25 minutes from Lakeland! We are still soooooo close!

Whitney H said...

I totally agree with you! You really do feel so happy afterwards. Our engagement photos were in February and it was SO COLD. But they still turned out precious!

The Pink Growl said...

This was the perfect post for me to read today! We are doing our engagement pics Sunday evening! I can't wait! :) And I can't wait to see yours.

Becca said...

I will be rereading this post when I finally get to take engagement pictures!

I nominated you for an award as well! Check it out!

Lindsey said...

Hey. I just found your blog via a friend nominating you for the Liebster award. I thought your blog name was funny because I always tell people I'm from the cornfields of Illinois and now I'm living in South Carolina. I had to come check out your blog. =] New follower.