Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly TV Lineup

I have become quite the TV junkie lately! I am really bad about watching new shows and usually stick to my normal routine. 

Here is my weekly TV lineup:

Sunday night:


I flipping love Revenge. I got my parents season 1 and we started watching it over again. It is awesome to rewatch, especially if you are up to date with the current season! I think Dad is more into it than Mom!

Monday night:

The Bachelor

I've seriously been watching the Bachelor since middle school! It has certainly gotten cheesier and more scripted by ABC, but something keeps drawing me into these loons!

Tuesday night:

Private Practice

I am sooooooo sad next week is the very final episode ever of Private Practice. I'm not really sure when I started watching it but I have come to love it! I actually started watching season 1 on netflix today while at the gym!

Wednesday night:

Law and Order SVU

It's no secret I've always loved SVU. Freshman year I just got so hooked on it! 

Chicago Fire

This show is my new addiction! It's great that it comes on right after SVU so I get a full night of TV in! I really, really like it!

Thursday night:

Grey's Anatomy

I do love Grey's Anatomy but it hasn't really impressed me lately. I feel like its been sort of boring except for the last 4 minutes of last week's episode!

If Tyler had normal internet at his house, I would be watching Netflix like crazy, but in this metal place, it is very hard to watch an entire episode without it cutting out a millions times.

Here's my list of "to-watch" shows!

Beginning seasons of Private Practice
Scandal (I watch every now and then but haven't kept up this season)
Downton Abbey

What are you watching these days? What do I need to add to my list!!?


Brianna Tucker said...

What?? I religiously watch private practice but didn't realize it was the series finale coming up. I am devestated. Ive watched since the 1st episode.

I love Scandal. MY MIL just got me into it.
We also watch New Girl, NCIS, Big Bang Theory

Whitney H said...

I'm honestly not really watching anything right now other than How I Met Your Mother! I do want to start watching Homeland on Netflix... they film it in Charlotte! A good friend of mine was an extra :)

Katie said...

You need to watch Nashville!!! I love it.

Michelle Garrett said...

I'm so hurt that Private Practice is going off the air! It took me by surprise last night when they announced it. I'm sure it's been said before - perhaps I was just in denial...LOL

That, Scandal and Law & Order SVU are my must see tv shows.

Ashley said...

The first few seasons of Private Practice were SO good! The Bachelor is one of my faves, of course :) And you should watch Pretty Little Liars -- you would LOVE it!

Kristin said...

Still loving Greys and Bachelor :) good ol stress free time

Lacey in the City said...

So I never used to watch tv, until I got hulu a few months ago and now I am hooked on Revenge, Grey's (again), Chicago Fire, and Scandal. Scandal is so good!

Also, if you want me to send you the links to season 3 of Downton Abbey, let me know. I think they've only shown a couple of episodes so far in America of season 3, but my friend found all the links on a British blog, so I've watched the whole thing already!