Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smells like Fall, y'all!

On my way to work one day last week, I was on the phone with Tyler like I usually am and I noticed a very familiar smell: boiled peanuts. I got really, really excited because a) i love this smell, its one of my favorites and b) this smell means its fall and harvest time!

If you aren't aware how peanuts are grown, let me quickly inform you:
First, you plant peanuts (in the ground) in the spring. Did you think peanuts grew on trees? Surprisingly, many people have no idea where/how peanuts grow! Peanuts are legumes and are in the bean family. Then in the fall they are ready to be "dug," dried in the fields, hauled in tractor trailers to a peanut buying facility, dried more, then hauled off to wherever they need to go to be made into peanut butter, m&ms, etc. If you are really interested in this (which I doubt you are) check out this link. If you aren't its ok. You'll still get lots of farm blog posts in the very near future.

So, to make a long story short, it is FALL in rural SC!! Not only are peanuts being dug, farmers are starting to defoliate (spraying chemicals to force cotton leaves to drop off the plant to harvest the crop) cotton. Andddddd, I think it smells soooo good. Many people beg to differ. I think its a farm girl thing. Don't judge.  I REALLY love the smell of picked cotton at the cotton gin. Can't wait for that to start!

Anyways, aside from my being a total weirdo and you will probably quit reading my blog now because you have no idea what I am talking about or don't care, I love the smell of fall! Can't wait for Perrow Farms to start harvesting soon! Many pictures to come!

Here's a glimpse of fall in Cameron... And I am excited to experience the intense corn and bean harvest in Illinois NEXT WEEK! Yipppeee!

Defoliated cotton

Dug peanuts


Happy Hump Day!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

loveeeeeee boiled peanuts..I'm from a little small eastern nc town so I know all about tobacco and cotton :)