Friday, September 9, 2011

House Divided

What an exciting weekend it is for my family! Usually, you hear the term "House Divided" (if you're from South Carolina) in reference to the South Carolina/Clemson rivalry. For my family, this term means Wofford/Clemson-- at least for this weekend! The Wofford Terriers take on the Clemson Tigers TOMORROW! I was a fourth generation family member on my dad's side of the family to attend and graduate from Wofford- crazy, right!? My great grandfather, grandfather, great uncle, dad, uncle, second cousin, cousin, cousin's wife, distant relative (I call him cousin but it is a ways down the line-- so Southern) and I are all Wofford grads! My mom's side of the family all cheer loudly and proudly for Clemson! My grandfather bleeds orange as well as my uncle, his daughter (my fellow ZTA sister), and my BROTHER! If you want to add Tyler to all of that mix, go right ahead; he is a Clemson grad as well. Goodness, if you followed all of that I am VERY proud.

See, the rivalry exists.

Anyways, what a fun rivalry we have going on this weekend in the Perrow-Frierson family! I will proudly be wearing my black and gold, strutting around the perimeter of Clemson, and cheering on my Terriers! I am so excited about a weekend with friends and family (honestly, probably more friends because I haven't seen many of them since graduation)!

 I'm keeping my fingers cross that our little dogs can pull off a W, how awesome would that be? According to Twitter, Coach Dabo from Clemson was quoted saying, "These guys are a load, a challenge to prepare for as a FB team. They're capable of beating you." Hope Coach Ayers has prepared our boys well!

GO TERRIERS! Have a great weekend.


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Hannah said...

I'm starting your blog from the beginning, but I wanted to comment because last fall I went to a CU (University of Colorado) basketball game and they played the Wofford Terriers. I had never even heard of them before!