Monday, September 12, 2011

A Joyful Heart + Weekend Recap

I just have too much on my mind today for a blog post just about my fun weekend. Though I had a blast in Clemson with my Wofford (and some Clemson) friends, I have something much more important to blog about. I'll get to the weekend after...

Today, I am thankful. Thankful for God'd healing and grace. About six weeks ago, my good friend John Brunt was in a terrible car accident. He suffered numerous injuries: a shattered pelvis, a broken femur, an injured colon and intestines, and a few others. He had a couple of surgeries and had been doing so much better. Our whole community had been praying for him and I even got to see him a couple of weeks ago. This was very uplifting, but very hard as well. I took him a hand held game of tetris which he loved- his mom calls him a "gamer." I was thrilled to have given him something to take his mind off of his pain and suffering. I have been following his Caring Bridge site that his mom posts on and there have been many days of joy, but many days of heartache. Today was a day of JOY!

John and his sister Grace during his recovery.

Friday night, John had a seizure and a high fever. He went into a coma over the weekend and supposedly, things were not looking good. Last night I was terrified and scared, fearing for my friend's life. I couldn't bear the thought of losing a dear friend. This morning, I received a text message saying John was AWAKE! HE WAS AWAKE! When I got home from work, his mom updated her site and said that his ventilator was out again and he told his parents that he loved them. I sobbed and sobbed reading this news. God is so, so good. Sometimes it is easy to question God's unfailing love, but days like today prove that He is mighty and and is the Ultimate Healer. Thanks be to God for an answer to our prayers! Please keep John and the Brunt family in your prayers.

John is the guy on the left. This photo was taken Sophomore year.

Now on to the weekend:

My Terriers almost pulled out a W over the Clemson Tigers! It was such a fun weekend to see friends! I was so happy to have a girls night Friday night in Easley and then tailgate all day in Tigertown! I realized that I just cant hang like I used to in college. Post-graduate life is too tiring for staying up all night and tailgating all day. How did we do it?

Wofford Friends!

Sporting our Black and Gold!

I loved seeing the Wofford team playing in Death Valley!
What a fun and exhausting weekend it was! I think I am still catching up from the weekend, but now it is time for the season finale of Bachelor Pad, the trashy reality show with the Bachelor and Bachelorette "rejects"...

Hope you had a fun weekend, too! Happy Almost Tuesday!

Ta ta for now,


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