Monday, October 17, 2011

Purchases & Freebies + Pinterest Party

Here is a recap of what has been going on in the life of Charlotte this weekend! The pictures of Anna's wedding will come tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I am so excited about my recent purchases that I just had to share them with you! I am trying to buy really warm clothes from here on out since I will be moving in just 2 weeks! I also grabbed a couple of other things on my outings as well. Nothing's wrong with some good-price purchases, right??

These are the two cute coats I purchased at a cute dress shop in Spartanburg on Saturday:

I have been wanting a white coat and I was so excited when I found this one and the black one is so much dressier than my old black trench coat! They are both Jack brand (never heard of them before but after researching online I found other cute things AND I got them both for awesome deals!).  

And the adorable earrings I couldn't resist:

love these!

Today, I ran into Oops! during my lunch break and found these cute things:

scout cooler- perfect for my moving roadtrip! 
ll bean vest- definitely need this for cold weather!

Then, when I got home today, I had these in the mailbox! First and foremost, my earrings that I won from Emily's giveaway! Love them.

love love love these sylvia benson earrings!

And Tyler's sweet sweet mom sent me a congratulatory card and this magnet. She said she saw this and thought of me. I love her.

so thoughtful

Now, on to the Pinterest Party that I went to yesterday! We were all supposed to bring a DIY craft and a sweet treat. I made pumpkin centerpieces with tea lights as well as the zucchini muffins I have made before. Almost all of the other girls made really cute wreaths. I now have some in mind that I want to make!

Ok, I'm sure you are tired of all of my ramblings! Just had to share my excitement with you! I'm working on making my pictures more decorative with picnik, so stay tuned for cuter pics! Hope you had a great weekend!

Ta ta,


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I think that's so cool you went to a pinterest party!! love the pumpkin tealight candle holders such a cute idea! and I so wish we had an oops store here they always have the best things!

Lacey in the City said...

You are on a roll with winning giveaways girl!! Love it!

I like that you went to a pinterest party too! So cool.