Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anna & Steven

This weekend I got to celebrate Anna and Steven at their wedding in Spartanburg! I wish I had more pictures to share, but my sweet friend Mary has some really good ones on her blog!

As I mentioned before, Anna and I were ZTAs together (I guess still are) and she was kind of like my extra big sister! She looked stunning and was so incredibly happy. I usually cry at weddings but did not cry at this one because both she and Steven were beaming!!

First dance- pardon the distractions in the picture!
Father-daughter dance

Mother-Son dance- check out her sparkly silver Toms!

Wofford friends

Date = Ruthie. Best. Date. Ever.

Anna & Steven rode off on a tractor- duh, I loved this!

I apologize for the blurriness of the pics! My camera doesn't like to cooperate during important events.

Congratulations to Anna & Steven. I wish them a world of happiness and a blessed marriage! Ahh what a fun and beautiful wedding!

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