Monday, October 31, 2011

Wofford Homecoming...Nothing's Changed!

Well my friends, this was the quote of my weekend. Being back at Wofford was an absolute blast and a perfect way to say goodbye before my move... TOMORROW! I loved seeing all of my friends and doing what we do best- have a fabulous time together!

Here's the photo dump from the weekend, along with some side notes about activities!!

Friday night:
Dinner at Cribbs Kitchen (YUM)

all of my best friends- L to R: Jamie, Hannah, Leah, Me, Claudia, (Anna & Emily weren't there yet), Alex, Beverly, Meredith, Virginia, Megan!

Drinks at the Alumni "Street Party"
Freshman & Sophomore year roomie, Kensley

Our photobooth pictures- probably the most fun part of the weekend!!!

Then... the ROW.. Fraternity Row was our all-time favorite place all 4 years of college. We danced (ok.. I danced) on stage ALL night just like we were youngin's again. It was so. much. fun. and I felt so. terrible. the next day. But I survived.

The rain didn't hold Leah, Anna, and me back!

After Bojangles saved my life Saturday morning, we headed to Megan's family's tailgate for delicious food and pictures!

Megan, Me, and Mary

Our standard BFF picture. Nothing's Changed!
Leah, Ruthie, Virginia, Me 
My buddy and fellow Illinios resident, Pete! Can't wait to meet up with him in Chicago!

My ZTA little, Haley

After tailgating and fighting the breeze, we headed into the game.

Wofford v. Elon

Retiring Jerry Richardson's #51 jersey. He is the owner of the Carolina Panthers
Homeoming Court 
ZTA's very own... Whitney Walker! YAY!

We left the game at halftime (nothing's changed) and went to get a 2nd wind before another event that afternoon. Phase V of the Village (senior housing) is finally finished, so the Class of 2011 was given a reception to thank us for our patience of the building of this monstrosity. 

This is the design of the building. Its huge and gorgeous. Sad I didn't get any pictures of it myself.

Mine and Kensley's standard picture. We took one like this (by accident) freshman year and decided to recreate it!
Hanging out at the reception with sweet friends!
After this, Leah and Virginia (2 of my Jr & Sr year roomies) and I went to one of our favorite pizza places before meeting up with friends at the Marriott bar.

Anna, me, Virginia, and Leah

Then, it was back to the row for more dancing. I think we were all pooped by this point, so we just had a photoshoot instead!

My "mini-me" and fellow blogger, Ryann

Me, Kristin, and Meredith at KA. 

Virginia and Me
So... There you have it! My last hurrah and my heck of a good time! So glad to see all of my friends and catch up. Now we need to plan a good girls weekend so I can see all of my friends again!

Thanks for reading!

Ta ta,


Emily said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun! It looks like a blast, and all of your friends are so cute too! Good luck with your big move tomorrow!!

Sarah said...

Your pictures look so great! Looks like a fun time to be had by all!

Victoria said...

what a fun weekend and last big get together for you and your bffs!

have a safe move tomorrow!!

ryann said...

I'm so honored to be featured in your blog! I am SO happy we reunited! I miss you so very much already and cannot wait to see you next Homecoming! Thanks for the pep talk this weekend!
Love you and good luck moving!!!

Love, "Mini Me" :)