Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Week!

Ah! I cannot believe I have ONE WEEK until I move to Illinois. Where has the time gone? I have so much to do before next Tuesday and am being a little procrastinator and not doing some of it like I should... whoops!

Yesterday I guess I accomplished something on my to-do list: brown boots and brown flats! FINALLY, some brown (tan) boots! Thank you Nine West Outlet.

Anyways, in order to keep myself on track, I am going to list out my to-do list to stay motivated...

- lunch with co-workers in Columbia
- coffee/ice cream with Beverly
- maybe drop by Hobby Lobby to buy a couple more wreaths to make (in what free time, Charlotte???)
- last Bible Study

- dentist (warning: i absolutely despise the dentist!!!)
- write thank you notes to various people
- mail my huge boxes of clothes (this is looming over my head.. so troublesome)
- get oil changed in my car (well my dads car, now known as my new car! yay for a gas guzzling tahoe!)
- get the car vacuumed and washed
- buy sheets for my new bed & wash them
- dinner at my grandparents house

- buy pecans (love our local pecan plant to buy these)
- pack for Wofford Homecoming this weekend
- go to the bank & figure out how to switch banks (ugh)
-finish up packing for IL
- pack the car (sigh)

- mani & pedi
- go to Wofford!

-Wofford Homecoming

-Wofford Homecoming
-recover from Homecoming (this will be an issue)
- finish packing
- dinner with Rebecca (hopefully!!)

-Sleep in
-Try to relax
- Have everything ready to go


I know I'm forgetting things but this is a good start!

Thanks for reading :)

Ta ta,


Rebecca said...

Up until this post I haven't cried. I didn't like seeing it all laid out! Especially not last Bible study! And you better make it to dinner Sunday!!! Love you!

Victoria said...

what an exciting time though!! busy bee you are!

btw, i hate the dentist too :)

Lacey in the City said...

Eeeek all the to-do's are so stressful!!

Emily said...

oh my gosh you have a lot going on!! good luck! :)