Monday, October 10, 2011

Case of the Mondays

Why does it seem like after every "inspirational" blog post, the day after is crummy? Guess that is just how it happens...

Just letting you know, this is how I feel today...


I have a HUGE case of the Mondays today!!

First off, this sinus infection is making me crazy. Luckily I have some leftover antibiotic from last time (I have very frequent sinus infections--ugh) that I have been taking to knock this thing out fast. It needs to hurry!

Second off, its raining! Boo. I'm going to complain about the rain for myself, but I am going to go ahead and complain about it for my dad. Rain this time of year really slows up harvest! The farmers have been rushing to dig peanuts to dry them out, but I think the rain just haulted progress!

Then I guess I could go ahead and add my outfit in with my complaints. What I had picked out was quickly vetoed by my mom- "cowboy boots with a dress is not work appropriate." Well, when you work at the Dept. of Agriculture, anything is appropriate. Seriously! But to make her happy, I took that off and ended up with something different. After looking in my full-length mirror, I realized my cords were too short to wear with danskos. Whatever. Its Monday. Its raining. I don't care at this point! Boo. Hope you had a easier time getting dressed than I did today!

Ok then I will move on to getting to work... My phone decided to die on the way to work- its been acting crazy lately... Verizon here I come later. And then my parking lot was full at 8:35! Guess thats what I get for being late (as always), so I had to go to a different lot. That just always messes up my routine! And now everyone at work is asking 100 questions about my move. Yes, I am flattered and everyone is so happy and supportive, but goodness I need a little quiet this morning!

Enough of my rant. So sorry.. Just had to get that out this morning :) Hopefully someone else feels my pain on this Monday morning! I'm thinking its all up from here!

Have a great Monday!


Lacey in the City said...

So sorry you are having a case of the Mondays, girl. I work from home half of the time, so I can't complain about my Monday...I'm sitting on the couch in my PJs doing my emails.

Is some of your upset with today coming from anxiety with all of the upcoming changes as well? I know with me, that is how I get when I have a looming "thing" that could subconsciously have me stressed. Whatever it is, I hope you make it through the rest of the day relatively easy.

And...I LOVE cowboy boots with a dress!!! Being a native Carolina girl (did I ever tell you I'm a South Carolinian as well?) living in Connecticut, I can't swing that one too easily, but you surely can!!! Make that Tuesday's outfit ;)

Emily said...

Oh no! Rain + Sinus infections can't be good! I too also get sinus infections all the time. I hope your day and week gets better:) xo I'm a new follower

Anonymous said...

I hate when my outfits are just not working out in the mornings! Oh, and I can totally understand the pants being two short/dansko problem. I literally have to get my pants hemmed either specifically for danskos or for flats. Danskos are great shoes though!

Summer Wind said...

Rain is never fun!!!