Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stages of Happiness

The past week has been quite exhausting. I have had way too many thoughts going through my head and trying to figure out what life is going to be like during the next couple of weeks, especially come Nov 1. Don't get me wrong, I am really really happy and excited, BUT my nervousness keeps seeping in  some each day (not to mention a sinus infection is taking over my life right now--boooo).. Anyways....

 A few posts ago, I mentioned that I began reading the book The Happiness Project. 

by gretchen rubin

In the book, the author outlined the 4 stages of happiness (you know, like the stages of grief- shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance). Here are Gretchen's Four Stages of Happiness from her website:

  • Anticipate with pleasure
  • Savor the moment as I experience it
  • Express my happiness to myself and others 
  • Reflect on a happy memory

When I was reading this on the plane last week (ALL before I was offered a job and had any idea I would be moving in 3 weeks), I thought..."What is this going to be like when I get to the next stage in life?" Well I am here an here is how her stages of happiness are playing out in my life....

  • Anticipate with pleasure- I have been anticipating getting a "real" job wherever that may be for about a year now. I sent in over 30 applications starting last November and now the anticipation is over. I am now anticipating the move and trying to be as excited as possible because this is an exciting time in life! As you can sense, I'm nervous as you-know-what, but I just have to pack up my bags and go!!
  • Savor the moment as I experience it- I have been overwhelmed with facebook messages/comments/"likes", tweets, blog comments, text messages, phone calls, and conversations that I have had this past week. This upcoming move and job offer have really put life into perspective and made me realize how blessed I really am!
  • Express my happiness to others- Trying to do that currently! As those of you who have moved away from friends and family know, this is kind of a scary time. I find myself becoming more excited the more I talk to people, instead of sulking around thinking, "Wow, I am going to be 13 hours away from all of my friends and family soon. What am I going to do?" Excitement = Happiness in my book!
  • Reflect on a happy memory- My purpose of starting this blog was to do just that. Keep a journal of this time in my life to be able to look back on one day! I am very happy right now, but cannot imagine the emotions I will have when I look back a year later at how this all happened! 
Thanks for being a part of my "happiness!" Hope you had a great weekend and put this book on your "to-read" list!

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Lacey in the City said...

I love seeking happiness in general...I will have to seek this book out at Barnes + Noble for my next read. Thanks for the recommendation!