Friday, October 14, 2011

Truth or Dare

Little game for you on Friday night....

Truth: The SC State Fair attracts a bunch of crazy people.
Dare: I dare you to ask me about crazy anti-GMO (genetically modified organism)-lady.

Truth: I felt like I was a blessing to someone today.
Dare: I dare you to ask me why...

Truth: I am absolutely exhausted from this week.
Dare: I dare you to ask me how many hours I worked at the Fair from Wed-Fri.

Truth: This is the cutest video EVER.
Dare: I dare you to watch it!

Truth: I met Rick Perry (2012 Presidential hopeful)'s wife yesterday.
Dare: I dare you to ask me why I mentioned this because I really don't know either? Kinda cool I guess?


Tomorrow I am headed to Spartanburg to watch my sweet friend Anna tie the knot! She was my mentor/pseudo big sister/wine buyer/zta sister at Wofford and I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle to Steven tomorrow!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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