Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

As I lie at home in my bed to try to get over this yucky sinus infection, I am browsing Pinterest to find some yummy recipes! I haven't really been cooking lately due to lack of time, but I did put together a few things last night for Bible study tonight. Rebecca and I are in charge of snacks and I have a feeling our snacks are going to multiply (hope I'm not jinxing that!).

This is about the most fun thing I am brining other than some carrot sticks, cut cucumbers, pimento cheese, and cream cheese with jam on top!
Fall Trail Mix:


I just realized that I forgot the carmel popcorn! Darn! Anyways, I have been dodging the kitchen because I know that I will eat the entire bag before tonight if I open it up. Perfect fall treat!

What fall treats have you made so far? I want to add some to my collection!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to 100% and over this sinus infection in time for the SC State Fair to begin! Happy Tuesday!

Also, I move to Illinois 3 weeks from TODAY! WOW! I wanted to blog about that, but this yumminess seemed more appropriate today! xo



Emily said...

congrats! You were one of the winners for my blog giveaway!!! :) http://bit.ly/ndXGvf Just email me with you address so I can forward it on to the company!

Sarah said...

I can't say I've made too many "fall" things this year so far, but I just made sugar cookie truffles. They're so easy, and I'm blogging about them soon. I'm loving your blog!