Monday, June 25, 2012

Cats and Bikes and Cobbler

Part I: Cats

This weekend Tyler and I went to the humane society to look at cats. After my traumatic loss of Lily, I have been wanting a cat. My roommates aren't really cat people, so I had held off even looking at kitties until last Friday. I had a random thought to look online and of COURSE found an all-white cat that I just had to go see.

We got to the shelter and I just didn't feel the love with Snowflake, but I did fall madly in love with Mickey.

look at that tail!!

Long story short, I had to fill out this crazy application and ended up taking my name off the list because I realized my landlord says No Cats BUMMER. It was terrible.

I need Tyler to find a house where I can keep her! I am just so in love with her-- so sweet and cuddly!! It was love at first sight.

Part II: Bikes

I might have mentioned that I finally got the bike down the street I have been eying. Tyler was sick of me talking about it so he conned this old man into selling it for $20. It came with no brakes so I had to go get some! $5 later I was ready to roll.. Literally...

I rode 6.33 miles last night. Y'all my tailbone is KILLING ME!!!!! Oh my gosh I overdid it but I was so excited. Yikes. Ouch. Any ideas for how to ride and not hurt my booty? Currently sitting on a pillow at work.

Part III: Cobbler

You know that pin that has been floating around Pinterest?

from Living a Changed Life
I randomly had the idea to make this yesterday... And I did!

SOOO easy-- 2 bags frozen berries, 1 can sprite, 1 box cake mix!

And the final product:

I think I used too much Sprite beacuse Tyler brought home a bottle instead of a can, but we liked it surprisingly! I had a couple of bites after my long bike ride!

So, that was the chunk of my weekend. Still lusting over Mickey, but hoping it will somehow work out. I just really want a little furball to keep me happy!

Ta ta,


Whitney said...

Oh. my. gosh. That cat is PRECIOUS!! He's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait til you get a cat and send me lots of pictures of it! :) Also, I'm super jealous that you got a bike. I want one sooo bad. I've wanted one for years!

Cori H. said...

Awww she is such a cute kitty! I love the fluffy tail!

Stephen said...

I have got to try that cobbler recipe - it sounds like it's at precisely my level of culinary skill! And think, if you have enough of it, it could kind of fix the problem of a sore backside from the bike, if you catch my drift.

Becca said...

That cobbler looks delish!

P.S. I tagged you in a post! Check it out!

Beginning with Becca

ryann said...

you and your kitties. I love it. I miss you!!! Once you get a sweet kitten I will expect many posts and updates! love you!

Claire said...

This breaks my little heart! Look at that sweet kitty! You NEED it!!!! I have to wait only 4 more weeks until I can start looking. I need another Maine Coon after I lost Gussie. We even have a kitty fund going for all the expenses haha!